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CORRUPTION: FBI, DOJ Under Fire: “Open Mockery” Of Biden Probes Surfaces!

The underbelly of America’s investigative giants is now under the spotlight. A freshly unearthed IRS memo casts shadows on both the FBI and the Department of Justice, accusing them of not merely dismissing, but actively “mocking” congressional probes into Hunter Biden’s questionable dealings. A Veil Lifted: IRS Whistleblower Steps Forward Gary Shapley, an IRS whistleblower, […]

Biden DOJ Fines Musk $350K After He REFUSES To Give Them Access to Trump’s Twitter Account

Newly released court documents reveal that federal prosecutors obtained a warrant for Donald Trump’s Twitter account in January – but Twitter, under owner Elon Musk, refused to hand over the information. The search warrant had been sent with a nondisclosure order prohibiting Twitter from notifying anyone about the existence or contents of the warrant. The court document […]