Massive Oil and Gas Reserves Discovered Under Gaza – Israel Grants Development Licenses

Since the war started, Israel has already awarded a dozen oil and gas exploration licenses in Palestine to six different Big Oil companies, including BP. We should know by now that when both political parties in the U.S. show bipartisan support, something deeply sinister is happening behind the scenes. We should also know that when a superpower … Read more

BREAKING: Matthew Perry’s Death Vaccine-Related After Autopsy!

Key Points: Actor Matthew Perry found deceased, with drug overdose ruled out. Speculation arises linking his death to adverse vaccine reactions. No confirmed number of Perry’s COVID-19 vaccinations reported. Matthew Perry, famed for his role in “Friends”, was recently discovered deceased in his hot tub following an afternoon of pickleball, a physically engaging sport akin … Read more

Australian Gov’t Official Blows Whistle: ‘We Planned the Pandemic Decades Ago’

A senior Australian government official has blown the whistle on how the global elites planned the COVID pandemic decades in advance. Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts revealed that globalists worked with world leaders to plot the pandemic in order to advance their Great Reset agenda for humanity. According to Roberts, sacrificing millions of people around the … Read more

NBC News Admits Obama Is ‘Shadow President’ Serving His ‘Third Term’

NBC News has admitted that Barack Obama has been secretly operating as America’s ‘shadow President’ for the last three years, illegally serving a third term in the White House. This is Obama’s Third Term — Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) November 3, 2023 According to an explosive report, Obama has been secretly overseeing the Biden administration, heightening … Read more