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Pfizer Caught Lying About mRNA Until After Roll Out – The ‘m’ Stands For ‘Modified’ Not ‘Messenger’

Pfizer lied, and now many are dying. According to newly released Pfizer papers, the ‘m’ in mNRA does not stand for “messenger,” as we were told, it actually stands for “mod” or “modified.” Sharing his research on Twitter, lawyer Tom Renz exposed that the COVID-19 vaccines, widely advertised as mRNA (messenger RNA) vaccines, are in […]

Pfizer: “Nobody Was Forced to Have a Vaccine”

Wow. They spit in your face and tell you it’s raining. Thousands lost their jobs, their livelihoods, their healthcare…. Amsterdam, January 2022. Anti-lockdown protestors are viciously attacked by the police. Pfizer tells Senator Pauline Hanson “Nobody was forced” to take vaccines in Australia. CorollaVirus™LivesMatter pic.twitter.com/S3QPTuhk1K — The Corolla Virus™ (@Frank94147822) August 5, 2023 This is […]