LA Mayor Blames Conservative Media For People’s ‘Sense of Fear’ In Democrat Cities, Not Criminals

The conservative media is to blame for people in Democrat-run cities feeling a “sense of fear,” according to Los Angeles mayor Karen Bass, who says the rampant criminal activity in these increasingly lawless cities has nothing to do with it. On the same day that community groups politely asked gangs in Detroit to refrain from … Read more

Democrat Cori Bush: ‘The Climate Crisis Is Here and It’s Killing People!’

Radical Democrat Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) has taken to social media to deceitfully blames the wildfires in Hawaii on an alleged “climate crisis.” In an alarmist post on Twitter, Bush used fearmongering tactics to advance her socialist green agenda by claiming that the so-called “climate crisis is here” and is “killing people.” “My heart breaks … Read more