VIDEO: WTF? Pope Declares Klaus Schwab Is ‘More Important’ Than Jesus Christ!

The spiritual horizon seems clouded as Pope Francis’ remarks paint a disconcerting image. According to him, the world’s path to redemption might just lie in the vision of Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum’s founder. The Collision of Faith and Modernity To many, it appears that Klaus Schwab’s significance now overshadows even Jesus Christ in … Read more

Klaus Schwab’s Globalist Mentor Henry Kissinger Admits His Life’s Work Has Been ‘Grave Mistake’

Henry Kissinger, the 100-year-old globalist titan and long-term mentor of Klaus Schwab has admitted that his life’s work has been a “grave mistake” and globalist policies are destroying Western nations and making the world a worse place. Speaking to Politico, longtime kingpin of the globalist movement Henry Kissinger walked back his previous position on the importance of open … Read more

Klaus Schwab’s Daughter: Covid Was Precursor to Coming ‘Climate Lockdowns’

The daughter of World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab has declared that tyrannical restrictions during the Covid pandemic served as a precursor to coming “climate lockdowns.” According to Nicole Schwab, Covid was a “tremendous opportunity” to test how the public would comply with authoritarian measures that could be used to usher in the WEF’s … Read more