California Drought Undeniable Evidence Of Climate Change – UPDATE: California Rain Undeniable Evidence Of Climate Change

Governor Gavin Newsom confirmed what climate scientists have been saying for years, that the devastating California drought is undeniable evidence of climate change. The California governor posed for a photo op while crouched next to a pitiful dead plant as he discussed the science. “People who deny climate change clearly haven’t seen California. A lot … Read more

California Caught Colluding With CCP To Unleash ‘Deadly Pathogen’ on American Population

The Chinese Communist Party colluded with Democrats to release deadly pathogens from a Newsom-funded biolab in California, according to a bombshell report by Gordon Chang. Chang, author of “The Great U.S.-China Tech War”, warned that the hundreds of genetically engineered mice discovered along with dozens of infectious agents at a warehouse in Reedley, California last … Read more