Military Mobilizes Behind President Trump

A single email appears to have been the catalyst for a military mobilization in which four OV-22 Ospreys packed with heavily armed Marines departed Camp Pendleton to the east and, on the opposite side of the country, Special Forces detachments left Fort Liberty with orders to “reach rally point Alpha.”

The unexpected White Hat assemblage coincided precisely with President Donald J. Trump’s fundraising email yesterday morning: “72 hours until all hell breaks loose!” ostensibly referencing April 15, the day the Deep State’s illegal “hush money” trial against him is expected to commence in New York City.

Moments after Trump sent the email, Real Raw News received a message from a Camp Pendleton source saying, “General Smith stands ready to defend the Constitution and POTUS. We’re going airborne.”

That source then went dark and did not respond to requests for elaboration.

His sudden silence prompted us to make umpteen calls to gain clarification. A second Pendleton source confirmed that “loaded” Ospreys had taken off but spoke nebulously when asked about the mission and the planes’ ultimate destination.

“The tide’s changing soon,” he said. “I’m not predisposed to divulge operational details at this time.”

Another source, this one at Fort Liberty–formerly called Fort Bragg and renamed after the now-deceased Lloyd Austin falsely claimed that the eponymous Confederate Gen. Braxton Bragg was a racist—told RRN that Special Forces went “Oscar Mike,” military slang for “on the move,” at the same time the Ospreys took to the air. Like the previous source, he was reticent about sharing logistics and would neither qualify the mission nor quantify the number of troops involved in the operation, and couldn’t, or wouldn’t, say how Special Forces were traveling from Liberty to their target—presumably NYC.

The sources’ cageyness is peculiar. In the past, White Hats have shared candidly specifics on missions to protect President Trump. For example, in June 2023, after Trump ignored Gen. Smith’s advice to avoid answering the Deep State’s federal documents indictment in Miami, RRN was told in advance that 500 White Hats would be there to shield him against Deep State deception.

Although RRN lacks sufficient info to decide whether the mobilization is an offensive move against the Deep State or merely a protective detail, the alacrity of the deployment, in tandem with Trump’s declarative statement, suggests the op centers on POTUS and is not a training exercise or an unrelated assignment.

Variables dictate how Armed Forces units transition to battle-ready status; typically, elite forces can mobilize within 2-4 hours of receiving marching orders. Yesterday, it took minutes, suggesting Liberty and Pendleton had foreknowledge of Trump’s post and had placed soldiers and Marines on alert status, ready to roll, locked and loaded, on a moment’s notice.

Real Raw News will share additional info as it becomes available.

Correction: Trump’s message was embedded in a fundraising email, which was linked in a Truth Social post. We have corrected the story to reflect this.