Revenge of the Red Hats

Real Raw News has learned that Colonel Kurtz, leader of the Red Hats, has claimed responsibility for a blaze that engulfed part of a pier in Oceanside, California, Thursday afternoon.

The inferno erupted at the far end of the iconic pier at 3:00 p.m. and swiftly engulfed a vacant building, formerly Ruby’s Diner, which closed permanently three years ago when the now-deceased Gavin Newsom’s Plandemic policies forced countless businesses into bankruptcy.

As the fire grew, footage showed flames ripping through the diner and plumes of black smoke soaring into the sky. Approximately 200 firefighters and three Coast Guard ships fought the conflagration as helicopters dropped thousands of gallons of water onto the fire, trying to save the pier. Their efforts saved the dock, but the flames gutted the building. Fire officials have yet to determine what caused the combustion, but they haven’t ruled out arson.

“Arson, or what some might call justifiable arson, does appear to be the cause,” a source in Gen. Smith’s office told RRN.

He said that on Friday Gen. Smith received from Col. Kurtz an email in which the Red Hat leader admitted that his forces had set the building aflame because the Deep State had used the shuttered restaurant as a waypoint in child trafficking operations. Per Kurtz’s allegations, the Deep State had brought bound and gagged children to the abandoned diner, sedated them, and then departed to hunt down more children. Meanwhile, a yacht would pull alongside the pier; armed men dressed in black would disembark, retrieve the drugged, helpless kids, and ferry them to either Catalina or San Clemente Island, 61 and 140 miles off the coast, respectively, at which point they were transferred like cargo onto a larger vessel and shipped south “probably to Columbia.”

Col. Kurtz wrote that his intelligence network proved that the Deep State had been using Ruby’s Diner as a child trafficking transfer depot for at least 18 months.

“That you didn’t know about this surprises me, General Smith. Your home base (presumably Camp Pendleton) is less than two miles from the pier. I told you if you didn’t take care of business, we would, and we have. We made sure the structure was empty before torching it, and, yes, I know the alphabet agencies involved will just find another location, and we’ll destroy that too. The fulcrums of power are shifting, General Smith, and we act to preserve the Republic and the Constitution. If you doubt our intel, see enclosed image,” Kurtz wrote.

The email had a single attachment, a nighttime image showing a half dozen handcuffed and gagged kids being led at gunpoint down the pier toward the old diner. It was timestamped February 23, 2024.

It also included what our source called “proof of identity.”

“We know it’s from him,” our source said. “His motives are altruistic, but setting fire in the middle of the afternoon could’ve killed innocent people. And since I know you’ll ask, no, he didn’t mention anything at all about the guy who wanted to kill Schwab. He did say he wants to meet Gen. Smith personally, but the general is undecided.”