Some White Hats Call for Speaker Mike Johnson’s Arrest over Ukraine Funding

Saturday’s vote had broad bipartisan support; 112 so-called Republicans voted to fund a criminal government with a history of populating its landscape with bioweapon laboratories and Adrenochrome enrichment facilities, and which harbors and funds child traffickers and pedophiles. Minutes after the vote, Zelenskyy praised Johnson for being on the right side of history, as the House’s MAGA minority, led mainly by Marjorie Taylor Greene, of whom White Hats approve, derided a decision that “supports a business model built on blood and murder and war in foreign countries,” in Greene’s words.

Echoing her sentiment, White Hats at Camp Pendleton, Fort Liberty, and Guantanamo Bay implored Admiral Crandall to indict Johnson for treason and force him to stand trial for aiding and abetting the enemy. At Pendleton, at least one White Hat council member said Johnson should be arrested for defrauding the United States and betraying his constituents. At Liberty, a Special Forces commander said his soldiers were locked and loaded, ready to grab Johnson on a moment’s notice. And at GITMO, two senior prosecutors told Adm. Crandall they’d be delighted to help him author formal charges.

But Admiral Crandall is hesitant to act, a GITMO source told RRN.

“We’re fundamentally guided by the Constitution and Insurrection Act. We’re not nilly-willy arresting people. In almost all cases, the Deep Staters we’ve arrested criminally conspired against the United States in secret. This bill was no. It wasn’t like Yellen, who secretly arranged to send Ukraine our cash—there was no public mention of it. No mention at all, except the evidence we found. Even if Adm. Crandall thinks Johnson’s a traitor, he can’t just have him arrested. Arresting him means arresting every Democrat and every Republican, all 112 of them, who voted for the bill. At this time, it’d be very challenging,” he explained.

He mentioned a second obstacle: “The Trump Factor.”

On April 12, President Trump stood beside Johnson at Mar-a-Lago, saying that Johnson was doing a “very good job” and calling the efforts to oust him “unfortunate.”

“I stand with the speaker. We’re getting along very well,” President Trump said.

Trump is known to speak to audiences cryptically, and embedded within his speeches are hidden messages understood by only MAGA. White Hats, too, are sometimes forced to interpret the ulterior meaning of Trump’s speeches and actions, mainly because he seldom communicates his intent openly when his enemies, such as the MSM, dirty Democrats, and RINOS, are in his presence.

Our source said that Adm. Crandall interpreted Trump’s apparent chumminess with Johnson as a message to not act against the House Speaker at this time.

“Trump’s known to keep his enemies close,” our source said. “He may be trying to expose him the same as he’s doing to the criminals in New York.”

Asked why Admiral Crandall or General Smith hadn’t asked Trump personally whether he wanted Johnson apprehended, our source said, “It’s not always optimal to speak to him in person. Trump is busy waging his war right now, and we’re waging ours. General Smith has eyes on President Trump. He’s put an enormous countervailing force on the ground.”