Trump Shares NEVER SURRENDER Meme With Almost 20 Guns Pointed At His Head

Former President Donald Trump was officially arrested and booked in Fulton County, Georgia on Thursday, but that didn’t stop him from showing his supporters some love on Truth Social. The arrest not only produced a mugshot, for which many in the media had been breathlessly waiting, but it also prompted Trump to return to X for the first time since his suspension.

At the end of the day, though, he returned to his own social media site to spend some time reposting memes and messages from his followers.

A user named “Andrea” posted that Trump is her “HERO because he faces so much on a daily basis without even considering giving up. He fights for us and gives it his all because he wants to Save America. He is up against so much and we Patriots are standing UNITED with him during it all! Our support and love is unwavering and we will continue to have his back as he has ours- and he ALWAYS has! We love you, President Trump. You are BRAVE and BOLD and you are a BADASS!”

Attached to the message was a meme showing exactly who is targeting the former president:

The meme reposting spree included a variety of messages:

Trump reassured his supporters that despite making a triumphant return to X by posting his own mugshot, he was not about to return to the social media site full-time.

“I LOVE TRUTH SOCIAL. IT IS MY HOME!!!” he posted Thursday night, prior to sharing the memes and messages from some of his supporters.

On Friday American Wire reported on his tweet, which the former president linked to his website with an added message that said “Election interference. Never surrender!” It was such a momentous occasion that even X owner Elon Musk chimed in:

Naturally, Trump commanding his own narrative set off some of his political opponents who likely thought that this would be the former president’s moment of defeat.