Stronger than ever: Trump’s nationwide lead KEEPS CLIMBING amid persecution

Nothing seems to be able to stop President Trump’s explosive momentum headed into the GOP presidential primary race next year, where he is poised to win the 2024 nomination in a landslide victory.

In 2023, the president raced to the top position in GOP primary polling, widening his lead after each politicized indictment and arraignment. Nationwide, Trump leads his political opponents by 30-, 40-, and 50-point gaps. In key battleground states, the president also unflinchingly dominates among Republican voters.

In Michigan, for example, the president is holding a 48-point lead over Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., according to data from Emerson College. The president is additionally winning big in the Iowa Republican Caucus, capturing 44 percent of the prospective GOP primary vote against DeSantis’s 20 percent via NYT/Siena.

Per the Manhattan Institute, President Trump is firmly in command of the primary race in New Hampshire, where he is up by a solid 21 points over DeSantis and up by 22 points in South Carolina.

Republican presidential candidate and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley scored only 8 percent of support in her home state.

Interestingly, a survey from Echelon Insights revealed that in swing states, President Trump also had a 6-point lead over Joe Biden in a prospective 2024 general election.

Election betting odds further found that President Trump now has a 68 percent chance of winning the 2024 GOP primary, while DeSantis only has 9.8 percent. This represents a massive drop for DeSantis, who was initially forecast to have a 52.6 percent chance of winning in December 2022.

President Trump has remained unflinchingly determined to win the 2024 nomination despite the legal attacks aimed at him in 2023. He wrote on Friday, “Nothing like this has ever happened before. Must be Unconstitutional? BUT SOMEHOW, WE WILL WIN IT ALL!!!”

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