Ryan Bayldon Lumsden Father Death: Body Found In Arundel Home

Ryan Bayldon Lumsden’s father died. This is sad news at the current time. A lot of people leave this world every single day but only the news of some people went viral on the internet and exactly the death of the father of Ryan has gone viral. People are really sad after listening to this news. People are mourning the loss and sending condolence messages to Ryan. But we are sure that a lot of people are not aware of who is Ryan Bayldon and who is his father. And we know by searching this you have arrived at this article so don’t worry after a lot of research we have shared every single piece of information about them in this article. So read this article carefully till the end.

Ryan Bayldon Lumsden Father Death

If we first look at Ryan Bayldn Lumsden he is the guy who was elected in 2020 and currently, he represents Division 7 of Gold Coast City. Recently, he took his social media and shared the passing news of his father. He tweeted and shared the image of a Walk or Wheel Wednesday at Arundel State School on 23rd August 2023, Wednesday morning just some hours before the disturbance calling the day very beautifully.

Ryan Bayldon Lumsdon’s father’s cause of death is going to shock you. This death news has been a part of controversy. This topic has gained the interest of people. According to the source, the dead body of Ryan Bayldon’s father was discovered inside an Arundel home on Chifley Place. Reports claim that he was the stepfather of Ryan. The police officers were called to the home at around 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday because of the disturbance complaint. The cars of the police were parked outside the residence in Arundel. His father was also given CPR but after a lot of tries he couldn’t survive and he left this world. Till now it is not discover what is the exact cause of his death. Some people are saying that it is looking like a well-planned murder.

Police arrived at the house at around 3:00 pm Wednesday and they found the unresponsive body of the stepfather of a City of Gold Council member. Officers took the councilman when he was dressed in a blue forensic suit with he plastic bag and taped all over his hands. Ryan is currently cooperating with the police officers. This case has become one of the most mysterious cases of the current time. The dead body has currently gone for a postmortem. Further information will be revealed very soon.

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