Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of august 23, 2023

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of august 23, 2023: The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website, Judy Note on 2’s eighth of August, over 1,200 native Hawaiian children went missing from Maui. Were they still alive? Over 1,200 Hawaiian children missing, parents believed murdered by DeepState FEMA. The DeepState has been busy causing chaos across the globe with their weather manipulation and due attacks, operation incinerate, Lohina, secret details of the shock and execution plan. As of Sunday 20th of August, there were fires from due attacks engulfing Kelowna, British, Colombia, Alexandrupaly,

Greece, the islands of Maui and O’ahu, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington State, plus several buildings in New York, there was a serious life-threatening sandstorm in Iran. There was serious flooding in Daan-Gwand City of Gwandang province, China; Totori City, Japan; Buenos Aires, San Pedro, Sula of Honduras; Santa Rosalia, and Sur, Mexico. Hurricane Hillary had devastated Baja California and was threatening unprecedented flooding throughout California and Southern Nevada. On Sunday 20th of August, in addition to flooding water, a 5.5 magnitude earthquake erupted near Los Angeles.

There were 15 states on a list slated for Cabal Doe attacks. Direct energy weapons were facing Texas, Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Florida, California, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, and Oklahoma. Sunday, 20th of August, Baha, California in ruins. Hurricane Hillary destroys Mexico and moves to USA, Wildweather US. Monday 21st of August, invade the Getty underground cities. Latest disclosure intel. Invade the Getty. Underground Cities. Insider tells all. Monday 21st of August, California. Major damages on I-10 in both directions in Palm Springs. Sunday 20th of August.

Massive fire burning at Fertilizer Plant in Bell County, Texas. Multiple fire departments were called to a fire at American plant food corporation in Bartlet. California, San Bernardino County Sheriff evacuation order for the communities of Oak Glen, Forest Falls, Mountain Home Village, Angelus Oaks, and NiU-Kypa for incoming storm system. Hurricane Hillary threatening catastrophic floods across California. California, five earthquakes recorded just now California-O-Hi. Last one recorded was 9.2 depth. Looks like a dome is getting obliterated and tunnels are being flooded. Isn’t this a popular area and surrounding areas where loads of cebes live?

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Whole of Washington State is under inferno alert as wildfires continue to burn. Greece, farmers make fire breaks to try to slow down an out-of-control fire that has been for two days in Lexandruppaly, Greece. A state of emergency has been declared and 13 villages have been evacuated. Alert: Marshall Law in Russia. Russian security services suggested food and fire, shoo, egoo, impose Marshall Law and start general mobilization, New York, major fire burned many businesses to the ground for land theft. A global currency reset. Monday 21st of August, DND call. The RV is going to occur in the coming days. It should be by the end of the month. There will not be a float first.

When the rate changes, it will be $3.41 or $3.81 outside of Iraq. The Iraqi government is serious about stopping the corruption. The citizens are being told that in the coming days, the rate is going to change and the corruption will be dealt with. Spectacular arrests will be made this week. Charlie Ward, Tier 4B will be able to exchange foreign currencies after the global currency reset is announced. The global currency reset was expected to be announced at the Bricks Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa on Tuesday and Thursday, 22-24 August. Shelton Laverte just said the Paymasters will start paying Tier 3 after Bricks Summit. Summit ends on the 24th.

We know the provider’s accounts have the money in the banks but cannot spend it. Maybe Shelton was right when he said they were paid in Fiat and those custodial accounts have to be converted to USN. He said that is happening now. I think they are running the algorithm audits on the new quantum platforms that are in beta to remove glitches to launch and announce to the public at large a new banking quantum system implementation. I believe they are working to get this done ASAP. Thursday 17th of August marks, I have been assured Iraq plans to finish in the month of August and bankers are still looking at around Sunday 20th August. Bruce, on Thursday 17th of August or Friday 18th of August, bondholders were to receive new NDAs.

They had to sign and return those NDAs to Wells Fargo by Friday 18th of August. They would receive emails Saturday 19th of August that would give them access to funds on Monday 21st of August or 2’s 22nd of August or 4b us, the internet group, should receive notification for appointments and begin to go in for those appointments on 2’s 22nd of August or Wednesday, 23rd of August. Friday 18th of August, Texas SNAKE. Some very positive steps are being taken behind the scenes, which all point to a very positive week upcoming. Hang in there, folks. Friday 18th of August, Wilvarine, Wells Fargo Bank has received the cash release codes.

The redemption of financial instruments has just begun. The global launch of the funds has just taken place in all parts of the world, marking the beginning of Redemptions-Registered Global Asset Redemption Program. Clearance from Reno arrived at 9:00 PM on Saturday 19th of August. From 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM will be the calls for direct managers. Friday 18th of August RV highlights Mike Burah, Latest I just heard. Monday, August 21st, Iraq links with gold or a gold-backed currency and drops the dollar. Bankers see it when they wake up 2:00. August 22, Iraq makes some announcement on Wednesday, August 23rd. Not sure it will be that dramatic, but there will be an announcement.

Two’s, 22nd of August, Wednesday 23rd of August, and Thursday 24th of August is the Bricks Summit where a major financial changes will be announced. B Redemption Centre’s Redemption Center appointments are to receive monies owed to us from Nizara/Jazara funds and also for those wishing to exchange foreign currencies and Zimbons. Appointment times will be done in three separate groups: ages 24-44, 45-60, and 61 and older. The 61 and older will go in first. You will have it to 12 days to get to your appointment.

At your appointment, you will set up your quantum account, which is identified by your own biometric positive energy. Criminals with negative energy will not be given access to a quantum account. You will also receive your quantum access bank card called Quack, which is unique to you based on your biometric energy. No one can access that account but you. You will also receive a laptop that connects to the Starlink satellite system and from which you can access your quantum account. See Global Financial Crisis. Russia confirms Brix+ nations will launch new joint gold-backed currency to counter US dollar dominance, Jazaren-Izra, Brix, dollar collapse.

List of banks connected to the QFS system or are being connected, QFS plus RTGS trust the plan. At least 74 countries, perhaps 40 more by some a time, have qualified with their own gold/asset-backed currency to attend the Brix Summit to us. 22nd of August to Thursday, 24th of August in Johannesburg, South Africa, where they will be making an announcement on the global currency reset. Derestored Republic, I, Tom Fairbanks, received a call late last night, Saturday 19th of August, from the military informing me that there is something really big about to happen.

Reading between the line, because the message is in code, I am told that the military alliance is ready to act either in stopping defensively or taking out offensively the enemies of the United States and the world. Decoding the imminent EBS, military and training for implementation of the Emergency Broadcast System fell Zintel Bulletin. The event EBS, Nizarah and Jezarah, MedBeds, Gitmo, VIP Arrests, Bricks, QFS, the world teeters on the edge of a cataclysmic event. Get ready for military Jizarah and Nizarah Emergency Broadcasting System. One. The global martial law unveiled. Not just a political maneuver or a publicity stun. This tweet will serve as the catalyst for the initiation of a worldwide martial law, a state of enforced and pervasive military control.

One might ask, why? The answer lies beneath layers of secrecy, known to a few, the activation of Jizara and Nizra. Two, Jizara/Nizra, the hidden truth for those unacquainted, the Global Economic Security and Reformation Act, Jizara, and the National Economic Security and Recovery Act, Nizra, are said to be the revolutionary frameworks designed to reset our current global economic system. By activating these, the powers that be will effectively start to.