Capital One Venture X Card with 90,000 Bonus Miles Offer is the Best Card for 2024 Travel

The Capital One Venture X Credit Card is Capital One’s new ultra-premium credit card. We haven’t been this excited about a travel credit card in years. This card compares to the Chase Sapphire Card that won the media by storm several years ago. It was one of the hottest credit cards that have also talked about never a huge fan of the Sapphire card but this card is so generous in rewards and benefits everyone needs it to travel in 2024.



Capital One Venture X Review

The $395 annual fee Capital One Venture X is Capital One’s premium travel rewards credit card, competing with cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve. The Venture X offers a huge welcome bonus, a minimum of 2x Venture miles on all purchases, a $300 travel credit and 10,000 bonus miles annually, and unlimited access to Capital One Lounges, along with a Priority Pass membership, for both the primary cardmember and authorized users. As mentioned above, the card has a $395 annual fee, but that $300 credit alone should easily offset more than 75% of that fee, which is awesome. So while the card’s annual fee might seem high on the surface, it shouldn’t really be costing anyone all that much to hold onto.

Capital One Venture X welcome bonus: 90,000 miles

The Capital One Venture X is offering an excellent welcome bonus where you’ll earn 90,000 bonus miles after spending $4,000 on purchases within the first three months.

Go here to get the 90,000 bonus and free lounge access



Capital One miles are valued around 1.7 cents each, so to me the 75,000 Venture miles are worth around $1,275. When it comes to transfer partners you can basically transfer it to many airlines and hotels and get free stays making the value even more depending on how last-minute your travel and what it means to you.

The Capital One Venture X has a $395 annual fee, and there is no cost to add up to four authorized users (which is a major perk, given the benefits that authorized users receive). For anyone who travels with any frequency, the annual fee should more than pay for itself, thanks to the ongoing perks, particularly the $300 annual travel credit and 10,000 anniversary bonus miles.

Capital One Venture X Cashback is 2x miles everywhere & more

The Capital One Venture X rewards structure builds on the basics of the Capital One Venture, but is even better. The card offers:

  • 10x Venture miles on hotels and rental cars booked via Capital One Travel
  • 5x Venture miles on flights booked via Capital One Travel
  • 2x Venture miles on all other purchases
  • The card has no foreign transaction fees, making this ideal for purchases abroad

Most noteworthy is the return on everyday spending, as the card offers 2x Venture miles per dollar spent. Capital One miles are extremely valuable, and can either be redeemed for one cent each toward the cost of a travel purchase, or can be transferred to Capital One’s travel partners at a ratio of up to 1:1. Earning two airline miles per dollar spent is amazing.

Normally ’m opposed to booking travel through credit card portals, but Capital One Travel is well done and has some unique features, including savings on flights, 24/7 alert technology with price changes, a best price guarantee on hotels, and more.

Capital One Venture X perks: $300 travel credit, 10K bonus miles, & more

This is where the Venture X shines. As mentioned above, the Capital One Venture X has a $395 annual fee, but the card offers two major annual benefits:

  • $300 in statement credits every cardmember year for bookings made through Capital One Travel; this can be applied toward any type of travel booked through Capital One Travel, including flights, hotels, rental cars, etc.
  • 10,000 bonus Venture miles on the account anniversary every year; there’s no spending requirement to unlock this, and it’s worth a minimum of $100 toward a travel purchase, or could get you up to 10,000 airline miles (which I value at $170)

Between those two benefits alone, that’s $470 worth of value annually for a $395 annual fee card. And that doesn’t even account for the other perks (including airport lounge access), which I’ll cover below.

Furthermore, there are some more Capital One Venture X perks & benefits that are worth being aware of:

  • The Capital One Venture X offers a TSA PreCheck or Global Entry fee credit once every four years
  • The Capital One Venture X offers Hertz President’s Circle status for the primary cardmember and authorized users, offering perks like being able to skip the counter, guaranteed upgrades, free additional drivers, and more
  • The Capital One Venture X is a Visa Infinite Card, and therefore offers other rental car perks as well, including National Emerald Club Executive status, and savings with Avis and Silvercar

Capital One Venture X lounge access: Capital One Lounges & Priority Pass

Capital One’s first airport lounge is now open at DFW!
Capital One Venture X cardholders have unlimited access, Venture and Spark cardholders get two free passes a year, and the lounge is open to all travelers for $65.

Capital One is opening up airport lounges, and the Venture X Card has some very nice lounge access perks:

  • The Capital One Venture X offers unlimited access to Capital One Lounges, with the ability to bring two guests; the first lounge opened at DFW Airport (Dallas, Texas), and is simply incredible, with Peloton bikes, grab & go food, cold brew on tap, and more
  • The Capital One Venture X offers a Priority Pass membership (including credits at Priority Pass restaurants), with the ability to bring two guests
  • The Denver and Washington D.C. Mega-Lounges just opened in the past few weeks!

You can add up to four authorized users to the Capital One Venture X at no cost, and they also get the same lounge access benefits, including access to Capital One Lounges, as well as a Priority Pass membership.

Capital One Venture X purchase protection: car rentals, travel, and cell phones

One thing that a lot of people look for in premium credit cards is great purchase protection. Many of these things we have lost from card issuers such as Citi Prestige. The Capital One Venture X is a Visa Infinite Card, and as a result it offers some valuable peace of mind:

  • For car rentals, the Venture X offers primary rental car coverage; just decline the collision damage waiver offered by the car rental company, and pay for the full price of the rental with your card
  • For cell phones, the Venture X offers cell phone protection; just pay your monthly bill with the card, and you’ll be protected for up to $800 if your phone is stolen or damaged, minus a $50 deductible
  • For flights, the Venture X offers trip delay reimbursement; pay for your airline ticket with the card, and if you’re delayed by more than six hours or have an overnight stay, you can be reimbursed up to $500 for reasonable expenses incurred because of the delay
  • For luggage, the Venture X offers lost luggage reimbursement; pay for your airline ticket with the card, and if your bag is lost, you can be reimbursed up to $3,000 per trip

Make sure to consult the cardmember agreement for all the terms, since there are always some restrictions associated with this coverage. But this is incredibly well rounded coverage, and what I look for in a premium card.

Getting approved for the Capital One Venture X

Capital One can be hard when it comes to getting approved for cards for some but we have seen a lot of people are having luck with approvals for the Capital One Venture X,. A few things to note:

  • Yes, you are eligible for the Capital One Venture X (including the bonus) even if you have the Capital One Venture, but you need to apply outright; product changing doesn’t qualify for the bonus
  • If you’re added as an authorized user on the Capital One Venture X (or any other Capital One card), you are eligible to apply for the card yourself in the future, and receive the bonus
  • Capital One doesn’t seem to have any consistent rules when it comes to getting approved, at least not like Amex and Chase; people with all kinds of credit profiles are reporting approvals
  • Capital One pulls your credit from all three bureaus when you apply,

Why the Capital One Venture X is worth it

The Capital One Venture X is jaw-droppingly generous, and that’s not even accounting for the card’s welcome bonus. The card has a $395 annual fee, which is lower than the fee on other premium credit cards. But the card shouldn’t be costing anyone nearly that much, between the $300 annual Capital One Travel credit, and the 10,000 anniversary bonus Venture miles. To me you’re coming out ahead without even using the card for everyday spending. Many are dropping the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the American Express Platinum for this card that has more in value and less than half the expense of the annual fees.

That doesn’t even factor in that the card has huge value beyond that — the Capital One Venture X offers an industry-leading 2x miles per dollar spent, and most significantly, offers access to Capital One Lounges, plus a Priority Pass membership, for both the primary cardmember and the (free) authorized users. You can actually dine at restaurants with this card and you cannot with American Express Platinum’s Priority Pass benefits.

Capital One Venture X FAQs

What lounge access does the Venture X offer?

The Venture X offers a Priority Pass membership, getting you access to 1,300+ lounges around the world, with the ability to take up to two guests. On top of that, you can access Capital One Lounges, also with two guests. These perks apply both to the primary cardmember and authorized users.

Can you access Priority Pass restaurants with the Venture X?

The Priority Pass membership offered by the Venture X gets you access to all Priority Pass locations, including restaurants. In other words, Capital One doesn’t have the same restrictions as Amex does about visiting Priority Pass restaurants, which is great. You won’t get this with AMEX Cards.

What credit score do you need to be approved for the Venture X?

There’s not a specific credit score you need to be approved for the Venture X, though the card is generally intended for those with good to excellent credit. Capital One has fairly few consistent rules about approvals otherwise, and reports suggest that a lot of people are successfully being approved for the card.

What is the highest & lowest credit limit for the Venture X?

Since the Venture X is a Visa Signature, the minimum credit limit on the card will be $10,000, if you’re approved. Meanwhile the highest credit limit I’ve heard of for this card is $30,000 (though if anyone has received a higher credit limit, please let me know).

When does the Venture X welcome bonus end?

The Venture X is offering a bonus of 75,000 miles after meeting minimum spend requirements. I have no indication of if/when this bonus will change.

Is the Venture X card made of metal?

Yep, the Capital One Venture X is indeed made of metal.

How can you redeem the Venture X $300 travel credit?

The Venture X $300 travel credit is issued each anniversary year (including the first year), and can be used toward any purchase in the Capital One Travel portal. This includes purchasing flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. For most people this should be more or less good as cash toward travel.

How does the Venture X 10K anniversary bonus miles work?

The Venture X offers an automatic 10,000 bonus Venture miles on the account anniversary every year. This couldn’t be more straightforward, as the miles will automatically post to your account. You can redeem them whenever you’d like, however you’d like. 10,000 Venture miles could get you $100 worth of travel, or alternatively could get you up to 10,000 bonus miles with one of Capital One’s airline partners.

Is the Venture X a Mastercard or Visa?

The Venture X is a Visa Infinite Card, which is Visa’s most premium type of credit card.

Bottom line

Capital One premium credit card, the Capital One Venture X, everything we have been looking for in a travel card with an exception of booking travel through their site for the additional points. This $395 annual fee card offers a ton of value and a no-brainer. On the most basic level, you’ll receive a $300 annual Capital One Travel credit plus 10,000 bonus miles annually, which should cover the annual fee. On top of that you earn at least 2x miles per dollar spent, plus you get access to Capital One Lounges and a Priority Pass membership, for both the primary cardmember and any (free) authorized users.