Liberals Are Now Trying To Ban George Orwell Because He Makes Them Feel ‘Uncomfortable’

Liberals are now pushing to ban George Orwell literature because his work makes them feel “uncomfortable”.

According to a report from the Telegraph, liberals believe that 1984 and other classic Orwell books are harmful to society because the author himself was “sadistic, misogynistic, homophobic and violent”:

George Orwell was a “sadistic, misogynistic, homophobic, sometimes violent” man who wrote women out of his story, according to a biographer of his wife.

Anna Funder said that Orwell was a brilliant writer but a complicated man whose personal life was at odds with the “decency” of his writing.

She has produced a biography of Eileen O’Shaugnessy, Orwell’s wife – highlighting the contributions O’Shaugnessy made to his work, including helping him to write Animal Farm.

According to Funder, the darkness that runs through 1984 is a reflection of Orwell’s soul.

“Decency is such a core Orwellian value. He writes about it. It’s the quality of the ‘proles’ in 1984 that is going to save us. He wanted to be decent, to be seen as decent, by which he meant a man of integrity, the same inside and out,” said Funder.

“Also, he also used that word to refer to being heterosexual – he was enormously homophobic but deeply attracted to men, and I think not particularly interested in women sexually.

Perhaps we should be urging more people to read Orwell’s works instead of focusing on why he was problematic.