Fact check: Is Omar The Referee alive or really dead? BBC News article death claim debunked

Online users are curious to learn more about the referee after hearing about his passing. Here are some more updates. Omar A video of the basketball referee known as The Referee catching a ball went viral on TikTok. He was well-known for his incredible catches. Apart from that, he was quite well-liked, and news of the referee’s passing recently stunned the sports world. Online sources suggest that he committed suicide before passing away. The report was widely disbelieved, and many people were curious to learn more about the Omar-related meme that has been presented below.

Fact check: Is Omar the referee alive?

A basketball official known as Omar the Ref or Omar the Referee who gained popularity on TikTok is rumored to have passed away. There hasn’t been any corroboration, though, to back up the veracity of this assertion. A BBC News post on platform X, formerly known as Twitter, is seen in one of the TikTok videos that gave rise to these allegations. “Famous ‘Omar the Referee’ commits suicide at age 47,” stated the post, which was dated August 9, 2023, and included a picture of a man. Surprisingly, one TikTok account that spread the news has been validated, and it published two images confirming Omar’s demise.

A gravestone in one image bears the inscription, “Tyrone Johnson 1963 – 2023, he was such a happy person.” The man in the second image is laying on a hospital bed, although it is difficult to make out his face. According to these unproven rumors, Omar decided to commit suicide because he was cyberbullied after becoming famous on TikTok. It’s crucial to remember that the verified TikTok account that published those two images of Omar’s passing simply began using the app three days earlier. As a result, both the account and the dubious allegation it made regarding Omar are probably fraudulent

Since August 9, there have been no new posts regarding Omar on the official BBC News X account. In addition, the profile photo of BBC News displayed in the popular TikTok video is fake since it differs from the real profile picture of the BBC News account’s original account on X. While the word “News” is missing from the BBC’s logo, the letter ‘BBC’ is written in Comic Sans font. The real BBC News logo on X contains a red and white contrast, whereas the logo employed a contrast of black and white ink hue and background. There have been no formal announcements of Omar’s death from any of his family or friends, and no other reliable news or media site has covered the story. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the rumor that Omar the Ref is deceased is one of the countless online death hoaxes.

Is Omar the referee dead or alive?

When some people discovered that these stories were untrue, they were enraged and demanded that others cease disseminating false information. Omar, a Baltimore, Maryland native, gained popularity on social media in April 2023 after a spectator caught him dramatically catching a basketball during a young basketball game. He caught the ball with ease, took a few steps toward the camera, and posed. The game was held in Pennsylvania at the Spooky Nook Sports Complex in Manheim. The basketball referee instantly captured the interest of the internet, and the original footage began to circulate. Omar gained popularity online as a result of the video’s use as the basis for some edits and memes.

Omar The Referee meme has gained popularity across a number of social media sites, including TikTok. Omar was seen on a video catching a basketball, and that’s how it all began. The Referee’s original viral video, which was registered as @farrish_gang in April 2023, was shared by a TikTok user. When the ball goes out of bounds close to the referee in the video, he catches it, pauses, and looks directly into the camera. He is seated courtside behind the official.

The referee’s reaction caused it to become viral, and after that, other users began sharing the video with several captions, which turned it into one of TikTok’s most popular memes. The majority of viewers who share the video online ask, “You ladies alright?” Many people took this to mean that the referee was attempting to protect the women behind the court from the ball. Omar The Referee is reputed to be a well-liked and well-known basketball referee in Baltimore. Although his real name is unknown, other sources assert that it is Omar the Baltimore Ref.

Omar has also officiated high school and middle school games for a long time and has a lot of experience as a referee. Omar may be seen officiating numerous basketball matches in a number of TikTok videos. On TikTok, the videos are still accessible. Aside from that, his name gained media notoriety when a video of him grabbing a ball went viral on several platforms. Omar The Referee is reportedly 47 years old. Omar’s early years and family history are not further described.

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