Trump’s Michigan rally shows he pouts when he doesn’t get his way | Letters to the Editor

At his campaign rally in Michigan former President Donald Trump doubled down on his false claim about the 2020 election — “When we have election integrity, we will win,” he said. The former president has a more than 10 year history of claiming election fraud. (“Trump repeats false fraud claims, vows to prevent cheating in Michigan speech,” Detroit Free Press, May 2, 2024.)

He said that Barack Obama’s re-election was a sham, accused U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of fraud in the Iowa Caucuses and never accepted that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

How do you trust someone who claims that any election loss for him would be fraudulent?

Terry Hansen

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Former President Donald Trump exits his plane before speaking to a crowd of supporters during a rally at Avflight Saginaw in Freeland on Wed., May 1, 2024.

Where’s the common sense?

This recent article in the Detroit Free Press just screams, “Where is the common sense?” (“Customer service rep sues DTE: I was forced to stay on phone with masturbating customer,” Detroit Free Press, April 30.)

It also calls for the question, “Is anyone in DTE Human Resources working above the level of the most recent summer intern”?

If a DTE customer service representative does not stay engaged with a customer who is sexually assaulting her she gets a poor performance review or fired?

There is no stream of logic available to DTE public relations that could come close to defending the the internal policy the employee describes.

I assume that if a fellow employee had approached the service representative in a similar manner they would have been fired on the spot, but a customer is allowed to get away with this? And a valued DTE employee says she was told to endure.

DTE is in the hot seat these days, as they should be, but what this employee says about management and supervisory oversight is incomprehensible.

We should also anticipate that should there be a monetary judgement here is favor of the employe, which is likely deserved, DTE will just roll it into their next request for a rate increase.

Larry Grady


Teachers should not have to carry guns to keep our kids safe

The Tennessee Legislature is playing with fire by allowing teachers to carry guns in their schools in order to quell school shootings. It is an absolute error on their part. The teachers are there to teach — not to be Annie Oakley. (“Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signs into law bill allowing armed teachers,” The Tennessean, April 26, 2024.)

It is tough enough to be with a group of young children and arranging study plans and grading papers and so on to now have the additional responsibility of confronting a potential shooter. Instead of coming up with a logical solution to the issue, they are creating disaster.

In a likely scenario the teacher would be nervous and shaking during a confrontation and gravely injuring or even killing a child by mistake and then you have a tragedy upon a tragedy. There is no need for this. We need less guns, not more guns. Where are their brains?

Jim Jeziorowski


To end bird flu, replace animal-based products with alternatives

As the bird flu virus continues to mutate it has made its way into another part of our nation’s food system: the dairy industry.

The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has determined that dairy cows now need to be tested for the deadly bird flu, which has already killed millions of chickens.

The transmission of the H5N1 virus to cows has, understandably, drawn major health concerns because cows, like humans, are mammals.

The original cause of the outbreak remains unknown. However, the deplorable conditions in factory farms make dairy and egg production vulnerable to disease outbreaks. Crowded, sick, and stressed animals being raised around contaminated animal waste provide ideal incubation opportunities for viruses.

Meanwhile, 61% of the nearly 1,500 pathogens known to infect humans originated with animals; including the Asian flu, dengue fever, Ebola, bird flu, no, West Nile, yellow fever, and the more recent COVID-19.

We have the choice to help end animal farming and improve our own health by replacing animal-based products with plant-based meats, eggs, cheeses, ice cream and more. And, most importantly, these vegan foods don’t carry flu viruses or government warning labels.

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