Biden Blasted For Laughing When Talking About Mother Who Blames Him For Loss Of Two Sons To Fentanyl

It’s one thing to trip going up the stairs or to search for a dead person in the audience, but when the President of the United States chuckles while discussing a grief-stricken mother who lost two of her children in one year to the fentanyl that’s been flowing across the open border with Mexico, there is really only one word you can use to describe him: “evil.”

Speaking during the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, on Wednesday night, President Biden’s disgust for his political opponents collided with the hollow space where his heart should be, and, instead of responding to the situation with even a feigned sense of decency, he let out a laugh and took snide swipes at Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and former President Donald Trump.

As BizPac Review reported, mother Rebecca Kiessling testified through tears during a House Homeland Security hearing Tuesday, telling her heartbreaking stories of her two sons, Caleb, 20, and Kyler,18, who overdosed on fentanyl in 2020. The drugs that killed them came from Mexico, according to Kiessling.

“You talk about welcoming those coming across our border, seeking protection,” she told Democratic lawmakers. “You’re welcoming drug dealers across our border. You’re giving them protection, you’re not protecting our children.”

During a House hearing on the border crisis, Greene pointed to Kiessling’s testimony and placed the blame on the Biden administration.

“Listen to this mother, who lost two children to fentanyl poisoning, tell the truth about both of her son’s murders because of the Biden administrations refusal to secure our border and stop the Cartel’s from murdering Americans everyday by Chinese fentanyl.” Greene tweeted.

“This government has failed you,” she stated during the hearing, “and it’s failing American families, and it’s failing, most of all, it’s failing our children and our young people.”

“Isn’t [Marjorie Taylor Greene] amazing?” Biden scoffed. “Oof.”

“I should digress, probably,” he continued with a laugh. “I’ve read, she, she was very specific recently, saying that a mom, a poor mother who lost two kids to fentanyl, that, that I killed her sons.”

“Well, the interesting thing is that fentanyl they took came during the last administration,” he chuckled wryly.

While a few in the audience rewarded Biden with an obligatory laugh, online, Americans were mortified.

“This is revolting,” wrote one user on Twitter. “Drug trafficking over the border has skyrocketed and he knows it. (Or his handlers) The callous disregard for that poor mothers grief is unconscionable. Stop passing the buck and just tell her you feel her pain, you’re sorry, and that you’ll fix the border!”

Christina Pushaw, rapid response director for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, stated simply, “An evil man.”

“The demonicRat Party has ZERO accountability or credibility,” a third user said, “they lie deny and blame everyone else but themselves.”

“Under Biden, illegal drug trafficking is WAY up. 1,400 pounds of fentanyl was seized at the southern border in January,” reported RNC Research. “It was the SEVENTH month in a row where more than a thousand pounds was uncovered by Border Patrol — with much more passing through undetected.”

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