10 in-demand remote jobs companies are hiring for right now—many pay over $100,000

The most popular remote jobs companies are hiring for transcend tech to include opportunities in real estate, health care and even forensics, according to new research from Indeed.

Although various measures have shown that the remote job market is shrinking, Indeed reports that the volume of remote job postings on its platform remains high. The job search site saw a 40% increase in remote job openings between March 2023 and March 2024.

Remote postings might be down in some industries including technology, finance and human resources, but context matters, says Gabrielle Davis, a career trends expert at Indeed. Davis points out that this trend may be less of a signal that employers are changing their minds on remote work, and more a reflection of the industries most impacted by a labor market slowdown.

At the same time, “we’re seeing roles that we used to think of as traditionally in-person jobs, like document reviewers or forensic analysts, emerge as some of the most in-demand remote roles employers are hiring for,” Davis tells CNBC Make It. “I think we’re going to see more formerly in-person jobs shift to hybrid or remote as companies continue to evaluate business operations and performance.”

Document reviewers, who examine a wide range of reports including legal and medical paperwork for patient records or court cases, are the most in-demand remote professionals companies are looking for right now, according to Indeed data shared exclusively with CNBC Make It.

Indeed identified the 10 most in-demand remote jobs companies are hiring for right now by analyzing its database for the roles that had the highest volume of remote listings between January and April 2024.

All of the jobs on the list offer full-time or part-time remote opportunities and pay more than $80,000. Here are the 10 most in-demand remote jobs companies are hiring for:

1. Document reviewer

Average salary: $123,427

2. Telemedicine physician

Average salary: $139,412

3. Forensic analyst

Average salary: $106,442

4. Real estate analyst

Average salary: $103,157

5. Senior environmental scientist

Average salary: $92,018

6. Senior information technology specialist

Average salary: $99,448

7. Senior staff engineer

Average salary: $174,743

8. Social media strategist

Average salary: $81,329

9. Program analyst

Average salary: $98,392

10. Senior AI/machine learning engineer

Average salary: $170,186