Tucker Carlson Gets Star Witness Devon Archer To Convict Biden Family: “An abuse of soft power”

Tucker Carlson got star Biden witness Devon Archer to convict the entire Biden family and the entire swampy town of Washington DC in a new interview for his Twitter show. (See Video Below) At one point Archer admits putting Joe Biden on the speakerphone during business meetings was an ‘abuse of soft power.’ He told Tucker they needed Hunter on the team because they needed a guy who knew the guy who could get things down in DC.

Devon said Huner mainly worked on the regulatory side of the business but when Tucker asked if Hunter had any experience with complex regulations, Archer laughed and said, “Hunter headed a team that did.”

TUCKER: “You’ve got a lot of kids. You’re close to them. Do you call them on speaker during business meetings?”

DEVON ARCHER: “Umm… do I call?”

TUCKER: “What is that? A grown man calling his dad on a speakerphone during a business meeting? It’s not just, hey, dad, I’m in a meeting with some buddies.

“It’s let me put my dad, the Vice President, on speaker.”

DEVON ARCHER: “Yep. In the rearview, it’s an abuse of soft power, I’d say.”