Special Forces-Spetznas Team Kills Pedo Kingpin in Ukraine

The joint U.S. Special Forces-Spetznas strike force that rescued 73 children from Ukrainian Adrenochrome peddlers last week has scored another victory, this time against a 62-year-old child trafficker who had been living a Heffneresque lifestyle at his opulent, guarded estate in Crimea, an autonomous republic of Ukraine encompassing most of Crimea that Russia annexed in 2014.

As reported last week, elements of the U.S. and Russian militaries entered an informal détente to save American and Russian children held hostage at an Adrenochrome laboratory in southern Ukraine. The unit killed the facility’s security and freed the children without suffering a friendly casualty.

General Eric M. Smith, 5th Special Forces Group commander Brent Lindemen, and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the latter of whom initially proposed the coupling of the two militaries, were so pleased with the team’s operational success and degree of cooperative commitment that they posited an idea to the leaders of each group—remain in Ukraine, working as a unified team to eliminate child traffickers throughout the immoral country. The Special Forces and Spetznas leaders agreed, reportedly saying they were in for the long haul, for as long as it takes to eradicate traffickers and pedophiles, expose their Eastern Europe and Western handlers, and save God’s children.

Since the start of Vladimir Putin’s Special Military Operation in February 2022, Russian Armed Forces have saved thousands of children and assassinated scores of notorious traffickers, primarily in northern Ukraine along its borders with the Russian Federation. Heavy losses precipitated changes in tactics, and the unholy ring leaders moved their ungodly operations south, distancing themselves from the Russian military and positioning themselves closer to countries like Poland, Hungary, and Romania—nations whose leaders are in league with Zelenskyy and the criminal Biden regime. Our source said the joint unit will focus on but not limit itself to targets in that theater.

What could have been an intractable dilemma was quickly resolved by Gen. Smith and Shoigu—who would issue orders? Which leader, the Special Forces or the Spetznas, would have the final say in tactical decisions?

Both militaries adhere to a unified chain of command, without which anarchy—and fragging—typically ensues. America had its fair share in Vietnam, and Russia in Afghanistan. Grenades tossed into latrines and what not.

Each side would designate a battle-hardened combat officer, preferably a colonel or a general, to coordinate war efforts from a clandestine command center in Belarus, meaning the designees and their families would have to uproot and relocate. Each man’s input would carry equal weight, irrespective of rank, and together they would prioritize targets and pass intelligence to the Special Forces-Spetznas team.

Likewise, the senior Special Forces and Spetznas must overcome cultural differences and contrasts in combat doctrine to fight as one effectively.

“We’re in uncharted waters here,” said our source in Gen. Smith’s office, “and the water’s so murky we can’t see the bottom. The playbook is getting rewritten downrange. So far, we’re two-for-two in cooperation and victories.”

He did not provide a play-by-play of Thursday’s operation against Ukrainian underworld figure Mykola Taran, a hypocritical purveyor of kidnapped children who, according to the FSB, amassed a fortune brokering the sales of abducted children to buyers in Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, and Czechia. Mykola was a hypocrite because he publicly denounced child trafficking and pedophilia while overlording one of Ukraine’s most prolific child trafficking syndicates. Although never seen in the company of a minor, he had no qualms about profiting from their misery.

The Special Forces-Spetznas team, codename “Raven,” effortlessly disabled Mykola’s security system and killed sentries patrolling the perimeter of his walled estate, which had two swimming pools and a 9-hole golf course. They used silenced weapons to kill three more guards inside the seven-bedroom mansion, where Mykola and an unnamed adult female were asleep in the master bedroom. Mykola had left his computer on. The screen showed a spreadsheet listing names, genders, and ages of children up for sale and links to websites with images.

The Russian and American leads understood what had to be done without uttering a word; they agreed that the female had to be complicit in Mykola’s crimes.

They put two rounds in each head, then seized the evidence and stealthily withdrew.

“It’s being analyzed and will hopefully lead them to those kids. We know these aren’t the same kids they saved in Nahachiv. That place is full of sickos, and hopefully, Mykola’s death puts a dent, even a small one, in their operation,” our source said.