Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of April 8, 2024

Judy note, timing appears to be that, one, on Sunday, seventh of April or Monday, eighth of April, POTUS tweets, The storm is upon us. Two, on Monday, eighth of April, a solar eclipse also brings in martial law. And three, 10 days of darkness where, four, the new Starlink satellite system takes over mainstream media. Russia. And five, mass arrests are made on over 500,000 indictments that, six, take down evil cabal governments worldwide.

And seven, the global currency reset brings gold/asset-backed currencies back to the people in sovereign nations worldwide. Stick together, patriots. Support each other. No one can stop what is coming. When where we go one, we go all. An international child sex trafficking ring has been organized by the Vatican, enforced by the Zionist pretend Jewish Khazaria and Mafia, and supported by US taxpayer dollars through a CIA black budget for the purpose of blackmailing political elites to conform to the cabal globalist New World Order agenda that was designed to rule the world by 2030. Obama, Biden, Clinton,

Pelosi ran child sex trafficking pedophile ring at Whitehouse. The vaccine didn’t work, caused millions of deaths and serious medical problems. The majority of politicians were being blackmailed by Epstein and P. D. D. All US elections have been rigged by the Democrats, Cabal, FBI, and CIA. Jan 6 was an intelligence operation coordinated by Nancy Pelosi. What we think we know this of Sunday, April seventh, 2024. One, there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Two, Hillary stole the primary from Bernie and killed JF Kennedy Jr. To win Senator from New York.

Three, there was no Russian collusion. Four, COVID was complete bullshit. Five, the vaccine didn’t work. Six, a majority of political and global elites were being blackmailed through Jeffrey Epstein and P. Ditty pedophilia and child sex trafficking. Seven, the JFK assassination was an inside job. Eight, J. Six was an intelligence operation coordinated by Nancy Pelosi. Nine, Black Lives Matter was a Marxist front. Ten, cancel Cultural was corporate-driven. Eleven, Smalet was a fraud. Twelve, Obama spied on Trump. Thirteen, Asaad didn’t gas as his own people. Fourteen, the 2020 elections and all US elections have been rigged through mail-in ballots,

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printing of unofficial ballots, no voter ID, and voter machines that were controlled by a CIA office in Germany. Fifteen, Nancy Pelosi and many US Congress people were getting kickbacks from their support of foreign aid bills like for Ukraine and the Mexican drug cartel to keep the border open. Sixteen, an international child sex trafficking ring was organized by the Vatican, enforced by the Zionist pretend Jewish Khazaria and Mafia, and supported by US taxpayer dollars through a CIA black budget for the purpose of blackmailing political elites to conform to the Kabbal globalist New World Order agenda that was designed to rule the world by 2030.

17, Red Hats claimed to have destroyed Cabal’s hedron collider near President Trump’s residence, causing New Jersey earthquake. End of the Red Hats. 8, Timing. On Wednesday third of April, President Trump activated the EBS stash to be public on Sunday, April seventh, 2024, and may lead to the fall of the current government in the United States. Friday, fifth of April, Breaking Report. Gregories, major events surrounding the April eighth Solar Eclipse, Masonic rituals planned worldwide to usher in new world order. Friday, fifth of April, Wolverine, the eighth in the US is a total solar eclipse.

Then there is the end of Ramadan on the ninth and then the beginning of Eid al-Fitr on the 10th. Let’s see if they will give us an announcement from all Sudanis during the Ramadan as said. Monday, April 8, 2024, NASA is firing three rockets into the eclipse named after the Egyptian serpent God Apeb in a symbolic gesture of devouring Ra, the Sun God, and after three minutes of darkness, the new sun will be symbolic of King of the Golden Age Horus, inevitable Antichrist. Israel is getting ready to sacrifice a red heffer in preparation for the rebuilding of the third temple.

Cern is going to fire up the Hadron Collider the same day. Smash atoms together in attempt to search for invisible matter that controls our universe. The 17th letter, JFK Jr. On Telegram, Thursday, April fourth, 2024. Monday eighth of April, Solar Eclipse State of Emergencies declared nationwide and in Canada, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ontario, Canada, Arkansas, Kaleen T. X, Ohio, Missouri County, Charleston County, Jackson County. Monday eighth of April, military test operation exercises are expected in the Finger Lakes area the day of the Eclipse targeting underground facilities used to traffic children. The event will span approximately three days,

drawing inspiration from the Bay of Pigs incident. Following this, there will be a 10-day Earth shutdown and the activation of the military emergency Agency Broadcasting System, EBS, broadcasted globally on TVs and radios. Concurrently, governments worldwide will be temporarily disbanded, accompanied by further arrests. Friday, fifth of April, Frank 26, the US did not not sign the executive order 13,303. It has been signed by every president since 2003. As long as it was signed, Iraq couldn’t revalue their currency. The US has 48 hours to return $115 billion.

Trillions are becoming millions. Sadani promised during Ramadan. It ends the eighth, and it is the ninth, 14th. It will be done before Sadani meets in Washington on the 15th. Walking Stick says our window is ninth, 14th, April. B Global Currency Reset. Saturday sixth of April, US refuses to sign executive order 13,303, which has been signed by every president since 2003. The EO prevents Iraq from revaluing its currency. There is now 48 hours to return $48 billion with trillions in the balance. Breaking, United States shocks global community by withholding signature on executive order 13,303, throwing Iraq currency stability into question. Friday,

Friday, fifth of April, Brazil Bank Officer Ivan Limea, I just received the communication from the Bison Payments Department. The money, liquidity, and release days are Tuesdays, Wednesday, 9, 10, 11th of April. That is next week without postponement. Saturday, sixth of April, Texas snake, have received multiple communications today that this is our month. Most are settling on sun, moan, 21st or 22nd April is the actual announcement date with the appointments to exchange following. The Iraqi dinar revalued in country on Saturday 30th of March. It was rumored that Tier 3 fines, sanctions, farm claims,

CMKX payments, and bondholders were starting as of Friday, fifth of April. Tier 4B, US, the Internet Group, could go at any time. On Wednesday, third of April morning, the redemption Center leaders and bank managers in at least one area and throughout the United States entered the access codes and sent them to the Treasury at about 11:30 PM, Wolverine. On Friday, fifth of April, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, RBC, injected gold-backed digital tokens, GBDT, known as Zimbabwe Gold, Zig. Banks now have the new forex rates. Wolverine, some bond Holders have received emails. Payments were said to begin on Wednesday,

10th of April, effectively. In Colombia, people are receiving notifications already from the Pentecostal group. They are in Bogotá right now and are expecting their blessing in Bogotá Friday fifth of April. Some New York banks were told it would happen by Monday, 15th of April. Dnt, Tony Friday, fifth of April, Jezara, QFS, GCR/RV, ISO 20022, Basal 3, Protocol QFS 20, and Dynar are components of the new financial system. Everything is related. See, Thursday, fourth of April, EBS, Nezara, Quantum Financial System, Charlie Ward in early April, the announcement regarding the launch of era is anticipated.

A global emergency broadcast system will be activated, featuring documentaries aimed at enlightening the masses about recent events. To facilitate this, a global lockdown lasting 10 to 12 days will commence, with a message broadcast casted on the EBS instructing everyone to stay home during a specific five-hour window. Throughout the lockdown period, comprehensive documentaries will air across all stations, providing full disclosure of recent developments. Upon the conclusion of the lockdown, an 800 number will be provided for the public to schedule appointments to set up their quantum accounts,

ensuring everyone globally receives a sum of money deposited into their accounts. Recent weeks have seen limited updates from the QFS team due to significant events unfolding, including the seizure of approximately 75 banks and closure of all Kabao accounts. Assets from these accounts have been transferred to quantum financial accounts for redistribution to the people, including trust funds With.