‘Media Free Zone’ Imposed Around Maui Wildfire Disaster Area

Officials in Maui County have reportedly imposed an unconstitutional 12-mile “media free zone” around Lahaina where wildfires devastated the area last week. So why would the US government prevent reporters from exercising their First Amendment rights to gather news and information about the deadliest wildfires in American histoty?

InfoWars reports: “Fox & Friends” co-host Will Cain, a West Maui resident, claimed Monday that Maui Mayor Richard Bessen ordered the implementation of a “media free zone.”

“I’m in West Maui. Service is rough. Hard to post. But we’re putting together stories of incredible citizens stepping up where the government has failed. And at Napili Plaza someone from the Mayor Richard Bissen’s office tries to shut me down saying West Maui is a media free zone. No sir, this is America,” Cain tweeted.

“Right now I am nowhere near search and rescue. I’m twelve miles from Lahaina. How is the entire West Side a media free zone? Is it no longer America? Constitution has been suspended?”

“So the question for Mayor Bissen and others is, what are you trying to hide? This bullshit is how you grow conspiracy theories. And bullshit conspiracies have filled the zone. So why are you making West Maui a truth and free speech and media free zone?” he asked.

Cain followed up on Tuesday saying Fox News is the only national media present in West Maui despite officials trying to “censor us and shut us down.”

“We believe we are the only national media in West Maui. I haven’t see any other crews. And they tried to censor us and shut us down. ‘West Maui is a media free zone.’ We only got through the checkpoints because I’m a property owner in West Maui. They have this place on info lockdown from Waihee to Maalaea,” he stated.

“To be clear, there have been MANY amazing citizen journalists and local news like @MauiNOW is great,” he added. “But when you attempt to control information you sow the seed of conspiracy theory. You know a resource that’s missing in Maui: information.”

Other reporters corroborated Cain’s claim about the 12-mile “media free zone.”

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