Marines Capture Deep State Base in Bloody Battle

United States Marines on Wednesday captured a Deep State Army National Guard base and killed its commanding officer in what a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office called a “measured response” to Saturday’s assault on MCLB Albany, which left a dozen marines dead and twice that number wounded.

General Smith, our source said, discretely picked the target after confirming that several dead enemies belonged to the California Army National Guard’s 160th Infantry Regiment at Camp San Luis Obispo, primarily a military academy for training California and other western states National Guard units. It comprises nearly 15,000 acres of land in Camp Luis Obispo County, near the central coast of California.

According to the base’s website, it has accommodations for up to 1,500 officers and 15,000 enlisted, but those figures reflect occupancy during World War II. Between 1984 and 2021, it housed approximately 3,750 troops, VIPS, and contractors. In 2012, a man named Hussein sought to filch 1,500 acres for his fledgling FEMA Youth Corps and “Yes, We Can!” inner-city youth brigade, but for whatever reason, those evils never materialized, at least not at Camp San Luis Obispo.

Still, it underwent an anomalous transition in late 2021. Between Christmas and New Year’s Day, Lloyd Austin’s Defense Department quietly evacuated the base, citing a tremendous COVID-19 outbreak and blaming one unvaccinated soldier as the vector. It would take months, Austin said, to cleanse the base of COVID-19 particulates.

Strange things happened that week. Leadership shuffling. Midnight transfer orders. Soldiers were told to pack TO&E and depart immediately for reassignment. Despite the alleged epidemic, no soldier leaving was tested for COVID-19, which is phenomenal considering the administration’s obsession with testing, vaccinating, and boosting every arm in the Armed Forces.

Austin either fabricated or exaggerated the crisis. Fumigators never arrived, and troops returned to base on January 3, 2022. But not the soldiers who had fled a week earlier. It was as though they had been Raptured and replaced with officers and enlisted loyal to Joseph Biden and Lloyd Austin. This power shift coincided with Gavin Newsom’s military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay.

“We don’t see a connection, just some happenstance. What was happening was the cabal staffing entire posts with loyalists and installing commanders Lloyd Austin handpicked. They were massing and centralizing assets. After Saturday’s bloodbath, we knew where they came from, the feds and the Guardsmen,” our source said.

Some prisoners who survived the attack on MCLB Albany confessed “under duress” to following Lt. Col. Thomas Boothe’s–San Luis Obispo’s acting garrison commander–orders after being told that Marine Corps traitors refusing to acknowledge Biden’s presidency had commandeered MCLB Albany with plans to use it as a staging area to attack Democrat voters in the 2024 general election. They claimed their objective was to capture the base on behalf of the Department of Defense, and they denied accusations of being sent to liberate Deep State prisoners from MCLB Albany’s holding pen. Our source said the survivors told small truths to conceal more significant lies.

Although not mentioned by sources, RRN believes the strike on MCLB Albany may have been retaliation for the arrest of Lt. Col. Bryan Keels, who oversaw both Camp Roberts and Camp San Luis Obispo before Army CID investigators apprehended him on “suspicion of treason” in September.

Three stories accepted were FBI agents training alongside Guardsmen, Christopher Wray twice visiting the base in June, and Lt. Colonel Boothe ordering the assault on MCLB Albany.

“Gen. Smith and his advisors took the issue under advisement and, well, didn’t pussyfoot around on this one. We had a ton of Marines itching for action less than 300 miles away at Pendleton. A few platoons had just gotten home from Maui and were on some R&R, but they wanted to return to the fight. The issue was do you launch a massive attack or just go after the leadership. Based on interrogations, there were around 1,500-3,000 people at San Luis Obispo. Different prisoners gave different answers. What we lacked in C3 (a military term for intelligence; command, control & communications) we made up for in determinism [sic.], gusto, and skill,” our source said.

By Tuesday night, 800 Marines had arrived in San Luis Obispo County and erected an encampment and a mobile command center in the bucolic Irish Hills Nature Reserve. If required, more would arrive via helicopters and Ospreys.

Leadership imposed strict rules of engagement: The main goal was to take Lt. Col. Boothe and his senior staff alive, if possible, to stand trial for treason, and not wantonly slaughter Guardsmen naïve to Boothe’s agenda or whom the Deep State had led astray.

“In spite of what went down Saturday, there was a decision, not consensus, that they deserved a second chance, you know, to switch sides, for lack of a better way of phrasing it. Get Boothe, fire if fired upon, and prevent anyone from escaping—those were the orders.”

He would not say how 800 Marines arrived in the county undetected or how they blended in ahead of setting up camp.

“Marines want to live, fight, and die in uniform. The nature of this war sometimes means subterfuge. I’m not authorized to say if they were dressed as civilians or wore wigs or anything like that,” he said.

Four companies, he said, surrounded the base, each one taking a different compass direction, while two scout/sniper platoons prepared to ingress to retrieve Boothe, who, according to recent intel, would be asleep in his on-post home.

Meanwhile, communication-electronic specialists readied “cell phone jammers” to inhibit anyone on base from dialing out and deployed jammers that disrupted military radio transmissions. The Marines, our source said, relied on publicly available GMRS frequencies during the incursion.

The scout/sniper platoons used non-lethal force, paralysis darts, to subdue four armed Guardsmen patrolling the outside of Boothe’s residence.

Elsewhere, not everything went as planned. An undisciplined Marine, part of a strike team searching for other high-ranking officers on base, strolled into a sleepy barracks and unleashed a stream of fire upon a dozen Guardsmen asleep in their bunks, shouting, “Get some! Get some! This one is for Eric,” as he reloaded and racked the charging handle and fired again and again. Eric, Real Raw News learned later, was the Marine’s familial brother and a fellow Marine. He died to Deep Staters in Maui.

Chaos ensued. As Marines dragged their grief-stricken brother from the bloody barracks, 40 or 50 Guardsmen engaged them on open ground, depressing triggers and firing as fast as they could. But no Marine was hit. Amid the turmoil, the Guardsmen didn’t realize that the magazines they were slapping into the magazine wells were loaded with blanks. In the dark and 15 yards away, the Marines had no immediate way of knowing that the Guardsmen weren’t firing live ammunition and, per ROE, fired back. The Guardsmen looked at one another in hopeless stupidity as they toppled like dominos.

Six hundred Marines stormed the base, some on foot and others in armored Hummers topped with squad automatic weapons and Mark 19 grenade launchers.

Our source said it was Marines versus Guardsmen, house to house, building to building, urban warfare style. Screeching alarms fell suddenly silent when a Marine infiltration team sabotaged and boobytrapped the power grid, plunging the base into darkness until backups tripped and a hazy crimson glow illuminated critical areas. As Marines and Guardsmen on the streets exchanged gunfire, the scout/sniper team surged into Boothe’s house and found him and a male junior officer, who had apparently been lying in bed together, hurriedly dressing for battle. The junior officer reached for a pistol on a bedstand and was shot twice in the head.

“By order of Gen. Smith and power of the United States Constitution, you’re gonna order every man under your command to cease fire and stand down,” a Marine told Boothe, who had leaned over to hold the dead man’s hand.

“And if I refuse?”

“You die right now, as a traitor,” the Marine said. “And all these men, you’ll be killing them, too.”

The Marines restored power to the base’s public address system and commanded Boothe to give the order. Boothe said he would obey to save lives, not out of cowardice. He keyed the microphone and blurted: “Fight! Fight to the last m—”

He, too, was shot in the face and died a traitor’s death.

The senior Marine on the battlefield, a battle-toughened major, was escorted around the fiercest fighting to the command center and made his own announcement over the PA system. He implored the Guardsmen, and any feds among them, to lay down arms and surrender, lest they become war casualties. No more men had to die, he said, and promised to treat all prisoners of war humanely. He said reinforcements, 5,000 Devil Dogs, would arrive within an hour, quicker than the enemy could summon its cavalry to the scene.

“Your colonel is dead. The selfish prick was all too happy for you to die with him. Think of yourselves, your fellow men, and your families. Cease all hostilities and no harm will come your way,” the major said.

The skirmishes dwindled. The gunfire faded. The Guardsmen surrendered to the Marines and were confined to quarters until further notice.

Burial details collected the dead.

The Marines fortified the perimeter.

General Smith, our source said, sent a message to Lloyd Austin, informing him that the Constitutionalist faction of the U.S. Military now controlled San Luis Obispo and that any attempt to retake it—or assault any White Hat base—would be interpreted as a further act of war and carry dire consequences.

The prisoners’ fates are yet to be determined, our source said.

“We would’ve preferred extracting Boothe alive. I don’t know if we’ll hold San Luis Obispo in the long term; no strategic value,” our source said.

When asked about the Marine who triggered the gunfight, he said, “He died in the fight.”

Real Raw News was not immediately given casualty estimates.