Katy Perry Is Cheekily Teasing Her Next Album

This weekend, the Grammy nominee and her partner Orlando Bloom walked the red carpet at an event called the Breakthrough Prize, which known as one of the biggest honors in the science world. The annual ceremony attracts some A-list celebrities, including Perry, who used the photo opportunity to get people talking.

Perry walked the red carpet in a beautiful, elegant black gown, but that’s not what caught the attention of the masses online. She was spotted holding a tiny, translucent purse. There was only one thing stored inside the accessory, and it was positioned perfectly so the world could see what was written on the single item.

A rolled-up piece of paper with black text is all that was in Perry’s purse. Written in a familiar font, the lettering read, “KP6: Top Secret,” with the KP6 clearly referring to her as-yet-untitled sixth full-length album.

Fans of Perry have been asking the pop icon about her next chapter for years now, and for much of that time, she’s been cagey in her responses. She’s hinted that she’s working on new music and is eager to share it with her following, but no concrete details have emerged. This latest stunt is her most brazen in a long time, which suggests that she’s getting ready to start promotion on the project.

Perry last released an album in August 2020. Her most recent full-length, Smile, peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard 200, but it didn’t live on the tally for very long.

Smile was commercially disappointing, at least by Perry’s standards. The set produced two top 40 hits on the Hot 100, though the latter, “Daisies,” was only a quick win. Lead single “Never Really Over” peaked at No. 15 and was a summery smash.

Since Smile, Perry has returned to the Hot 100 as a featured artist. She joined DJ and producer Alesso on his single “When I’m Gone,” though that tune was also something of a disappointment. It only climbed as high as No. 90 before falling away.