JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of august 22, 2023

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of august 22, 2023: The latest video will. Be shown earlier at the official website. Duty Note urgent donations needed. For food essentials for Lahaina Maui native Hawaiians who now have no homes or businesses and are mourning the loss of over a thousand still missing, mainly their children. Since day one, the Kingdom of Akua Foundation has supplied protein straight from our farms to the college culinary for the chefs to prep hot meals direct to Lahaina. Our Kahuna, whom is also the FEMA chaplain, owns the farm. So we were able to bypass the.

Roadblocks like a Trojan horse. Maui Burst is one of the new. Mountain Dew flavors as per direct energy. Weapons used on Maui. Of concern was another new flavor Baja Blast. Baja was laid bare on Sunday 20. August by Hurricane Hillary. Screenshot of the dew scene in the below link is from the California fires in 2020 when the dew was caught live on infrared satellite beaming down into. And leading the fires. When it comes to fires, nothing is a coincidence. They destroyed Maui for a reason. The California high speed rail system lines up perfectly with the historical fire data over the last 120 years. The high speed rail system operation is set to start in 2030. At what point does it become mathematically impossible? Historical data CA high speed rail system.

Missing hawai children trump clues WMDs hawai children defund DC man escapes Maui Police kill zone duty. Note sir, Don below is referring to the US. Marines takedown of FEMA, Maui Cops and the National Guard in Maui. As explained in the below four articles our Hawaii kingdom is under siege again. We are caught in between good and. Evil and the rich against us poor people. We are simple, neutral, peaceful, God fearing people trying to aid our injured survivors in Lohaina. Caught between a crossfire, we will prevail.

To do God’s will and let him manifest the sins against humanity. Sir. Don Kalia Kingdom Of Akua Foundation sunday, 20 August marines neutralize fleeing FEMA convoy. In Maui friday, 18 August deep State takedown Maui thursday, 17 August maui massacre. Wednesday, 16 August white hats to Maui sunday, 20 August the news about the US. Marines and FEMA is real and major. We are under siege. This time the human protectors of Lohaina, our reinstated capital kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands will be massive and intense with supporters from all over the world greater than the Protect Monarchy event. Sir.

Don U. S. Marines vs FEMA Cabal. In Maui, Hawaii anonymous a message to. Maui the proof may shock you trump. Loyal US military in Hawaii SG and on Monday 21 August biden going down California San Bernardino County Sheriff evacuation order for the communities of Oak, Glen, Forest Falls Mountain Home Village, Angeles Oaks and. NEU Kaipa for incoming storm system hurricane Hillary threatening catastrophic floods across California California. Five earthquakes recorded just now california, Ohio. Last one recorded was 9.2 depth looks. Like a dumb is getting obliterated and.

Tunnels are being flooded. Isn’t this a popular area? And surrounding areas where loads of celebs live. New major decode. Major arrests coming. Big intel august 19, 2023 nizar and. Jazara full Disclosure future proves past whole of Washington state is under inferno alert. As wildfires continue to burn a global currency reset. Charlie Ward Tier Four B will be able to exchange foreign currencies after the global currency reset is announced. The global currency reset was expected to be announced at the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa on Tuesday, Wednesday and. Thursday, 22 to 24 August.

Shelton LaVerte just said the paymasters will. Start paying tier Three after Bricks Summit. Summit ends on the 24 DH. We know that providers accounts have the. Money in the banks but cannot spend it. Maybe Shelton was right when he said they were paid in Fiat and those custodial accounts have to be converted to USN. He said that is happening now. I think they are running the algorithm Audits on the new quantum platforms that are in beta to remove Glitches to launch and announce to the public at large a new banking quantum system implementation. I believe they are working to get this done ASAP. Thursday, 17 August marks I have been assured Iraq plans to finish in the month of August and bankers are still.

Looking at around Sunday 20th August bruce. On Thursday, 17 August or Friday, 18 August bondholders were to receive new NDAs. They had to sign and return those NDAs to Wells Fargo by Friday night. 18 August they would receive emails Saturday. 19 August that would give them access. To funds on Monday, 21 August or twos. 22 August. Friday, 18 August Texas Snake some very positive steps are being taken behind the scenes which all point to a very positive week. Upcoming hang in there folks. Friday, 18 August Wolverine wells Fargo Bank has received the cash release codes.

The Redemption of financial Instruments has just begun. The global launch of the funds has just taken place in all parts of the world, marking the beginning of redemption’s. Registered Global Asset Redemption Program. Clearance from Reno arrived at 09:00 P.m. On Saturday, 19 August. From 11:00 A.m. To 02:00 P.m. Will. Be the calls for direct managers. Friday, 18 August RV highlights Mike Barra latest I just heard. Monday, August 21 Iraq links with gold. Or a gold backed currency and drops the dollar. Bankers see it when they wake up. Twos. August 22 Iraq makes some kind of. Announcement on Wednesday, August 23. Not sure it will be that dramatic.

But there will be an announcement. Bruce tier Four b US the Internet group should receive notification for appointments and begin to go in for those appointments. On Tues 22 August or Wednesday 23 August. The fiat US dollar can be used. In US, Canada and Mexico for the next three months. Tuesday 22 August, Wednesday 23 August and. Thursday 24 August is the BRICS Summit, where major financial changes will be announced. B the EBS redemption centers and Jazara Nizara funds. Two separate things could be going on here. Foreign currency exchange for tier groups could.

Happen before the actual EBS ease why? This group has been prepped for this for some time. Exclusive Group for lack of better words. The EBS will go off and we will receive seven text messages. They will tell us that we will have three to 6 hours to get home or go to a place where we can remain. For the next ten days we will. Be on a global lockdown, depending on. What’S going on in different cities for ten days. 24/7 we will receive broadcasts on what’s going on in the world, including information on the global elite. Criminal arrests and tribunals. Redemption center appointments are to receive monies owed to us from Nizura Jazara funds and also for those wishing to exchange.

Foreign currencies and Zimbans. Appointment times will be done in three separate groups ages 24 to 44, 45. To 60, and 61 and older. The 61 and older will go in first. You will have eight to twelve days to get to your appointment. At your appointment, you will set up your quantum account, which is identified by your own biometric positive energy. Criminals with negative energy will not be given access to a quantum account. You will also receive your quantum access bank card called Quack, which is unique to you based on your biometric energy. No one can access that account but you. You will also receive a laptop that connects to the Starlink satellite system and from which you can access your quantum account.

See? Global financial Crisis rothschild controlled central banks have been lowering the purchase power of currencies around the world for a century, so their little club becomes more powerful and more powerful. China and Russia have boldly stepped away from the conventional international payment system. Swift igniting a fierce battle for financial. Supremacy over the fiat US dollar. The US Sun major bank with 2600 locations closes down 29 branches due to evolving customer needs. Germany 50,000 companies have closed due to. Insufficient funds over the first half of the year. 50.6 thousand German companies have already gone. Bankrupt, site Online reported this is about. 12% more than the same period last year.

In recent years, government aid has partially contained the surge in bankruptcies caused by. The Pandemic and the energy crisis, but analysts expect the situation will only worsen from here. BlackRock warning as sudden 1 trillion crypto market crash tanks the bitcoin. The Panama canal has become a traffic. Jam of the seas. More than 200 vessels are stuck on either side of the waterway as a. Serious drought cuts crossings journey from humble. Rupee to international currency. It’s worse than we imagined. Banks like Wells Fargo are doing the unthinkable. Goldilocks. Every single leading economic indicator is pointing downward. The global economy is collapsing. All around us, people have depleted their savings. According to surveys done by the.