JAG Sentences Deep State Judge to Hang

A three-officer panel at Camp Blaz, Guam, found Fulton County, Georgia, Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee guilty of treason and sentenced him to death by hanging, JAG sources told Real Raw News.

As reported on April 5, JAG investigators enforcing a military arrest warrant apprehended McAffee on April 3 outside the Fulton County courthouse, after which they brought him to JAG’s Pensacola processing center and, later, Camp Blaz. McAfee was at first charged with defrauding the United States of America and election interference, but JAG upgraded the charges to treason after the vitriolic judge admitted during an interrogation that he had preordained President Trump’s guilt.

“I hate Trump. I’ve hated him all my life,” the 34-year-old jurist, who had served just one year on the bench, told JAG investigators. “I dreamed about hurting Trump, and when my chance came, I took it.”

Though inexperienced, the novice judge, an Emory Law School Graduate, should have stayed silent. But his animosity for Trump eclipsed his judgment. It was as though he had a compulsive urge to unburden himself of pent-up rage for the president.

“So, Mr. McAfee, when you were ‘randomly’ assigned the fake racketeering case against President Trump, he was already guilty in your eyes?” the investigator asked.

“He was born guilty,” McAfee said. “And it wasn’t random—I begged for that case.”

“That’s very helpful. Thank you, Mr. McAfee,” said the investigator.

McAfee was returned to his cell, where he remained until Wednesday morning’s tribunal, overseen by Lead Special Trial Counsel Rear Adm. Johnathon T. Stephens.

Representing himself, McAfee in opening remarks talked himself into an early verdict. He said no one and nothing, not even imprisonment, would prevent him from destroying the Trump family. Handcuffed at the defense table, he glared at the panel and said he would topple the Trump empire, building by building, brick by brick, and wouldn’t rest until every Trump supporter was behind bars or dead.

“Then I’ll take care of the people here and this place,” McAfee said.

“Mr. McAfee, I’m told you are of sound mind and know where you are, right?” Admiral Stephens asked.

“I’m in a Kangaroo court in the Banana Republic of Trump, staring at a guy who couldn’t hack it in the real world, couldn’t run a private practice, get a partnership, or sit on a real bench, so he went into the military,” McAfee said.

“Have you ever heard of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Mr. McAfee?” the Admiral asked. “Because you have the worst case I’ve seen, and I’ve seen several.”

“Trump is finished. He’ll be in jail soon, and when he is, your house of cards collapses,” McAfee said.

“It might seem that way, but it only seems that way,” the Admiral said.

“You might as well find me guilty. I’ll never stop hating Trump and I’ll never stop working to demolish everything he stole. He was born guilty, and he’ll be guilty until the day he dies. That’ll be the only word on his gravestone: GUILTY!” McAfee shouted.

The lead panelist, a Marine Corps major, politely interrupted: “Admiral, sir, we don’t have to hear any more. McAfee mocks this court, and we find him guilty of the treason charge. Additionally, we are in agreement he should hang for his crimes.”

Admiral Stephens nodded contemplatively. “I side with these fine officers. Mr. McAfee, you are hereby sentenced to hang for treason against the United States of America.”

His execution is scheduled for May 15.

Note: I probably won’t hear the outcome of the Gen.Smith-Col. Kurtz meeting until Monday.

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