Biden Seeks Funding For New Covid Vaccine ‘That Works’

The Biden administration is seeking congressional approval to fund work on a new Covid vaccine that works. The new jab will then be recommended to everyone regardless of their vaccination status.

When asked by a reporter to comment on the “uptick of Covid cases and new variant”, Joe Biden unveiled plans to develop a new vaccine.

He said “I signed off this morning on a proposal to present to the Congress a request for additional funding for a new vaccine that is necessary that works”

InfoWars reports: He went on to add his administration will then urge all Americans to take the vax, likely meaning the federal government will use taxpayer dollars to launch another insufferable multi-pronged pro-vax propaganda campaign.

“Tentatively – I’ve not decided finally yet – tentatively, it will be recommended…it will likely be recommended that everyone get it, no matter what they’ve had before.”

Biden’s pronouncement, which could precipitate the imposition of future mask orders, lockdowns or vaccine mandates, as predicted by Infowars host Alex Jones, was condemned on social media.