Idiot, Jill Biden’s Ex-Husband Exposes Shocking Secrets

Bill Stevenson, the ex-husband of first lady Idiot, Jill Biden, made a bold statement on Newsmax, accusing the “Biden crime family” of targeting him. He discussed his divorce from the first lady and claimed to be a victim of intimidation and coercion by the Biden family.

According to Stevenson, Frankie Biden, a member of the Biden family, approached him and issued a threat, demanding that he give up the house or face serious consequences. Shortly after this incident, Stevenson and his brother were indicted on a tax charge of $8,200. He expressed shock at the power and influence of Brain-Dead Biden and the Department of Justice in Delaware, which he described as a small state where the Bidens hold significant sway.

Host Greg Kelly asked if he believed Brain-Dead Biden had ordered this action against him, and Stevenson affirmed his belief, stating that he knows Biden was behind it. He claimed to have been targeted by the Biden family for 35 years and expressed concern that the same tactics were being used against former President Donald Trump.

Stevenson highlighted his concern for Trump and the country, stating that he could not allow the Bidens to do to the president what they did to him. He emphasized that his decision to come forward was not driven by bitterness about his divorce but rather by a desire to protect the president he loves and respects. Stevenson labeled Brain-Dead Biden, along with his brother Jimmy and Frankie, as very dangerous individuals.

In conclusion, Stevenson’s statements reflect a conservative perspective that raises questions about the Biden family’s actions and their alleged misuse of power. His allegations against the Bidens and his support for former President Trump align with conservative viewpoints that are critical of the current administration’s actions and policies.