Heavily Vaxxed Pilot Goes Beserk at Denver International Airport

A five times-vaccinated United Airlines pilot at Denver International Airport entered a state of berserker rage on August 2 as he attacked a swinging parking gate with an ax, cursing the “confounded contraption” for not raising when he swiped his parking pass. The loony tunes pilot, identified as Kenneth Henderson, methodically exited his car, opened his trunk, picked up an ax, and chopped at the gate as if to chop a tree.

The lumberjack aviator—possibly suffering from vaccine psychosis—whacked the gate 23 times before bystanders subdued him and wrestled away the ax.

Airport officials described the wild incident as a “physical struggle” with no injuries.

Yesterday, an FAA source who had in the past given Real Raw News details about vaccinated pilots suddenly dying in the cockpit contacted us saying that Henderson had earned notoriety within the FAA for his “Covid theatrics.” According to the source, Henderson was an exemplary pilot and model citizen before getting his first jab, mandated by the carrier, in mid-2021, when he became a “de facto vaccine spokesperson,” espousing the jab’s benefits to anyone who’d listen.

In the air, he frequently used the intercom to tell passengers to “enjoy your flight and remember to get vaccinated and boosted. It saves lives.” He would use the radios, often in hectic traffic patterns, to tell other pilots to “stay updated on your vaccines.” When mask mandates were still in effect, he ordered cabin crew to police the aircraft’s restrooms for unmasked passengers.

Our source said Henderson had received five boosters, the last in June 2023, as he had announced his vaccine status to ATC at Chicago-O’Hare International Airport during a crosswind landing in a rainstorm.

United Airlines management, he added, was notified about Henderson’s extramural activities but gave him their blessing.

“United said they wished more pilots were like Henderson, pilots who were happy to get vaccinated,” the source said.

As FAA leadership toed the regime’s vaccine line, it looked the other way instead of condemning Henderson or revoking his license.

Henderson’s bizarre post-vaccine, ax-wielding antics align with equally oddball stories told to Real Raw News by staff at Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Bragg, earlier this year. As there were only two, both uncorroborated, we didn’t report on them at the time.

Neurologists at Womack believe the vaccines cause a scarce side effect they call “vaccine psychosis,” whereby the clot shot damages the brain’s frontal lobe.

In April 2022, a recently boosted soldier picked up an unloaded rifle, pointed it at squad mates, and squeezed the trigger while laughing maniacally. He seemed shocked his fellow soldiers weren’t falling down dead. He had no previous history of mental illness.

In January 2023, a triple-vaxxed lieutenant at Fort Carlson smashed his office to bits with a baseball bat, then went outdoors and began swinging for the fences at cars in a parking lot.

“Besides the sudden, unexplainable homicidal rage, we observed a second abnormality—the more vaccines they took, the more they wanted another,” a Womack source had told RRN.

He added the incidents may be underreported.

“Cases are few, and hopefully no more, but we’d need more for empirical research,” he said.

RRN wonders why a pilot carried around a full size ax in his trunk.

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