Bray Wyatt Death Reason: How did WWE star dies at age 36?

We are extremely saddened to share the news of former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt’s demise. Yes, you heard it right, Bray Wyatt is no more. He has departed his life. According to the reports, the former WWE Champion passed away on Thursday, August 24, 2023. Since Bray Wyatt’s death news broke out, it has been trending all over the internet creating a stir and leaving people in agony. All the WWE fans have been thrown into a frenzy to know what happened to him or how Bray Wyatt died. Lots of questions have been swiveling in people’s minds since Bray Wyatt was pronounced dead. Who confirmed this passing? We have pondered all the imperative questions related to Bray Wyatt’s death. Continue reading this article and get more details.

How did Bray Wyatt die?

Reportedly, Bray Wyatt’s death news was confirmed and announced by the Chief Content Officer of the company, Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque who took to his official social media handle to announce that former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt has passed away. Reportedly, Bray Wyatt took a break earlier this year in February. In fact, Bray Wyatt had been running missing in action since he took off due to an illness. But a few days back it was being said that Bray Wyatt would come back soon as he is getting closer to his in-ring return. Continue reading this article and get more details.

The Chief Content Officer of WWE tweeted, “Just received a call from WWE Hall of Famer Mike Rotunda who informed us of the tragic news that our WWE family member for life Windham Rotunda — also known as Bray Wyatt – unexpectedly passed earlier today. Our thoughts are with his family and we ask that everyone respect their privacy at this time.” As Bray Wyatt died unexpectedly and untimely, people have been left distressed to know what happened to him and what was his age when he passed away. Take a look below to know this.

Reportedly, the former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt passed away at the age of 36. His real name was Windham Rotunda but he was best known by his pseudonym Bray Wyatt. WWE’s official post reads, “WWE is saddened to learn that Windham Rotunda, also known as Bray Wyatt, passed away on Thursday, Aug. 24, at age 36. WWE extends its condolences to Rotunda’s family, friends, and fans.” Kindly shift to the next section and read what was Bray Wyatt’s cause of death. Scroll down the page.

Bray Wyatt’s Death Reason

The most talked about question about Bray Wyatt at this time is what was his cause of death. However, neither Triple H nor WWE mentioned the reason behind Bray Wyatt’s unexpected passing but Sean Ross Sapp who sought the permission of the family of Bray Wyatt before claimed that he died from a heart attack. Yes, you heard it right, Bray Wyatt died of a heart attack. He also revealed that Bray Wyatt contracted Covid-19 earlier this year when he took off from WWE due to a life-threatening illness. Reportedly, Bray Wyatt’s heart illness was exacerbated when he contracted COVID-19. Learn more details in the next section.

Sean Ross Sapp said, “I was given permission to reveal that earlier this year Windham Rotunda aka Bray Wyatt got COVID-19 that exacerbated a heart issue. There was a lot of positive progress towards a return and his recovery. Unfortunately today he suffered a heart attack and passed away. I encourage those reading to respect the family’s privacy if at all possible but his loved ones wanted some details clarified.”

Former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt who was known for being one of the most creative minds in professional wrestling and pushing the boundaries with innovative characters, breathed his last on Thursday at the age of 36. In 2009, he signed with the company under its development talent and in 2010 he was included as the main roster and became part of The Nexus but with the pseudonym Husky Harris. Till 2014, Bray Wyatt’s career was really on and off but when he formed The Wyatt Family along with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, Bray Wyatt’s WWE career took off. He added more layers to the character of Bray Wyatt with a dark alter-ego known as The Fiend. In 2021, the company released him. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Bray Wyatt had become WWE Champion two times. He also fought notable matches in Wrestle Mania against The Undertaker, Randy Orton, and John Cena. In fact, fans also started believing that Bray Wyatt was the next Undertaker because of his dark and cryptic persona. Bray Wyatt was born as Windham Rotunda in 1987 and he lived till 2023. He was 36 years of age when he passed away after suffering a heart attack amid a life-threatening heart illness. Our warmest condolences to the family of Bray Wyatt during this time. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.