Joe & Jill Biden Blasted For Letting Their Dogs Repeatedly Bite Secret Service Agents

President Biden and the first lady have been branded ‘inconsiderate, entitled and lousy’ for letting two of their dogs repeatedly bite staff. Both dogs have made headlines for their violent behavior toward Whte House staff, in particular Secret Service agents. Multiple attacks have left officers needing hospital treatment

A Politico journalist has blasted the incidents saying that they reflect badly on the Bidens and that there’d have been outrage if the Reagans dogs had done the same.

While, ‘Major,’ the other dog, was given to family friends in December 2021 – the same month the Biden family got Commander. He was ditched after biting presidential staff for eight days in a row.

The Politico piece titled ‘Don’t Blame the Dog. Blame Biden,’ columnist Matthew Schaffer tore into the First Family.

‘Having a dog that bites the staff isn’t corrupt,’ Schaffer concludes.

‘What it may well be is inconsiderate and entitled and irresponsible. That’s not the stuff of impeachment, but it’s kinda lousy all the same.’

He claims that the Bidens have a duty as pet owners to keep their employees safe from the dogs.

‘Pets aren’t supposed to bite people, whether those people are guests or postal carriers or neighbors walking past the yard,’ Schaffer writes.

‘Morally — and legally, too — it’s the owner’s job to ensure that this doesn’t happen.’

Schaffer also suggests that the continued leniency toward the pets shows the Bidens benefitting from their elite status.

‘For regular folks, incidents like the ones with Major and Commander would at the very least lead to an unpleasant visit from animal control and a stern message: Get your dog under control.’

‘If Commander had belonged to, say, Nancy Reagan, the Marie Antoinette narrative would have written itself: Look at that entitled elitist, smiling for the cameras while her dog terrorizes the help!’

Schaffer sees it as particularly lousy because President Biden has, for decades, referred to himself as ‘Middle Class Joe.’

‘They’re not plutocrats like the Trumps or intellectuals like the Obamas or aristocrats like the Bushes, all of whom might have been more seriously singed by a news cycle involving their ill-behaved dog attacking employees who then have to worry about the correct way to file injury paperwork,’ he added.

The writer then suggests that conservatives avoid talking about contradictions in Biden’s persona like these and his feigned ignorance of his seventh grandchild – whom he finally acknowledged in recent weeks – versus his behavior in favor of what he refers to as ‘conspiracies’ regarding the president’s son, Hunter.

‘If you’re out to malign Biden, that convoluted conspiracy-theory stuff is an awfully long walk for a glass of water,’ Schaffer writes.

Emails obtained by Judicial Watch show Secret Service agents discussing the incidents – including Commander biting seven people in the last four months.

One agent was sent to a local hospital after the 22-month-old Commander bit them on the arm and leg, and one was attacked when Biden let him off his leash.

The agent also had to use a steel shield to fend him off from another attack.

Officers called the dog ‘freaking crazy’, argued he would have been ‘put down’ if he didn’t belong to the Bidens and said he needed a muzzle.

On November 10, 2022, Jill Biden ‘couldn’t regain control’ of Commander as the dog charged another member of the Secret Service.

The same month, the German Shepherd clamped down on an agent’s arm, resulting in him needing to seek medical treatment.

Other scary incidents detailed in the emails were when Commander was off of his leash roaming the White House grounds.

The Bidens welcomed Commander to the executive residence as a puppy in December 2021. He was a birthday gift to President Biden from his brother James and sister-in-law Sara.

Revelations of the German Shepherd’s behavior issues and aggression isn’t the first time a White House pet has sparked safety concerns.

Another one of the Bidens’ German Shepherds, Major, who also bit staff and Secret Service agents, was moved out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 2021 and re-homed with ‘family friends’.

A November 10, 2022 incident report from a USSS White House Division Officer notes that Commander ‘bit me on my left thigh and then ran back toward the First Lady.’

‘I went to the White House Medical Unit to get the injury examined by a professional,’ they added in the redacted email obtained by JW. ‘I am currently experiencing bruising, tenderness, and pain in the bite area.’

According to another email sent on November 3, 2022, a Secret Service agent wrote to colleagues: ‘Commander bite [sic] UD [Uniform Division] officer [redacted] at post [redacted] two times, one time in the upper right arm and a second bite on the officer’s thigh. WH [White House] medical treated the officer and made the decision to have [redacted] transported to [redacted] Hospital’.

Later that day, a Uniform Division captain said Commander was up to date on all its vaccines.