Canadian Police Officer Put on Trial for Investigating Dangers of mRNA

A police detective in Trudeau’s Canada faces a hefty prison sentence for the crime of investigating the dangers of the mNRA vaccinations.

According to reports, Constable Helen Grus – a 20-year veteran detective with the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) – is being criminally prosecuted by the Trudeau regime for questioning the official narrative about COVID vaccines:

Grus allegedly accessed case files of newborn and infant death investigations to which she wasn’t assigned and inquired with the coroner about whether the parents of babies who had died unexpectedly during the pandemic were vaccinated against COVID-19.

Investigators also alleged Grus contacted the father of a deceased baby directly on Jan. 30, 2022, to inquire about the mother’s COVID-19 vaccination status. reports: Yes, you read that right: in Canada, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if you are a detective who “contacted the father of a deceased baby to inquire about the mother’s COVID-19 vaccination status.”

During the Covid era, a waiter or grocery store clerk could inquire about a parent’s vaccination status, but a detective couldn’t.

The investigation by Ottawa Police into potential links between mRNA vaccines and Sudden Infant Deaths in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers was halted due to Grus’s suspension and subsequent charges.

“Attention all Ottawa Police SIDS investigators… don’t mention the Covid vaccines again.”

— Ottawa Police Sargeant Marc-Andre Guy

Formally, Grus is charged with “ discreditable conduct” under section 2(1) of Ontario’s Police Services Act, plus, the prosecution has served her with a notice of increased penalty, which allows the OPS to seek her dismissal, demote her, or ask for a forfeiture of pay or vacation.

Of course, Canadian Redditors universally cheered *against* Grus:

One of the loudest proponents against Grus on Twitter is “Dr.” Ralph Sciullo:

I was going to reach out to “Dr.” Ralph Sciullo with a series of pointed questions, but then I googled him and saw he is a chiropractor.

Anyway, that’s the story in a nutshell: a heroic Canadian detective investigates dead babies, and immediately gets crushed by the administrative state.

The CBC Leak

On March 28, 2022, although Grus’s suspension was not yet public knowledge, CBC Ottawa published a story sourced from anonymous leaks within the Ottawa police, initiating a trial by media.

Before publishing the story, CBC gave the OPS a 24-hour deadline to respond, thus commandeering the direction and timeline of the internal investigation.

Sources also described Grus as holding anti-mask and anti-vaccine views in the workplace.

CBC News has learned she was one of fewer than 10 Ottawa police officers placed on unpaid leave after the service imposed a mandatory vaccine policy for all employees.

In a statement to CBC News, the Ottawa Police Service confirmed her suspension and said it “related to an ongoing conduct investigation by the professional standards unit.” 

Following the CBC leak, OPS’ Professional Services Unit launched an investigation into who leaked it, but this investigation was abandoned.

During Grus’ trial in August 2023, her defence team argued that the leak is what resulted in formal charges, requested disclosure of evidence regarding why this investigation was abandoned and attempted to subpoena and cross-examine the CBC News reporter, but their request was denied.

Both Best and Grus’ lawyer contend this was an illegal leak, “Because police officers criminally gave (Yogaretnam) the information, which resulted in the public outrage, which resulted in Grus being charged,” said Best. “It’s as simple as that … The rogue Ottawa Police officers who illegally provided confidential information to Yogaretnam undoubtedly also knew and intended that their actions would cause chaos in the internal investigation. The Criminal Code Section 129 calls that ‘Obstruct Police’.

In both her article and subsequent radio appearance, the CBC reporter disclosed the sources’ motivations for illicitly sharing confidential information with her. The CBC reporter argues that Grus victimized the parents of the deceased infants, and thus her reporting was righteous.

I have no doubt that sources were motivated to speak about this because it’s, you know, to their mind, a further victimization of who are innocent people who are having the worst time in their lives, that it strikes really at the heart of what police are supposed to do.”

— CBC reporter

I contend the opposite: that parents would be grateful to know why their babies died.

“I don’t want more babies to die. Whether it’s vaccine-related or not, I want to try to find out why these little babies died… I’m not okay with babies dying and not getting any answers.”

— Detective Helen Grus

Aware that the investigation was proceeding without subterfuge, the CBCs reporting, thus, appears not rooted in safeguarding public interest or ensuring a thorough, unbiased probe into the allegations. It was all about bullying Grus.

Notably, the CBC relies on substantial financial support from the federal government, exceeding a billion dollars per year. Although they claim to be arms-length and impartial, in practice they are nakedly an arm of the Trudeau regime. As such, they have aggressively advocated a pro-mRNA stance and worked to silence all dissent at every opportunity.

The CBC scoop smugly states that “Coroners examine medical facts, not detectives,” insinuating that Detective Grus acted improperly by taking initiative without explicit instructions.

This is false.

Every police officer – even a lowly 21-year-old fourth-class constable on their first day on the job – has the authority and duty to independently initiate investigations. Officers routinely initiate independent investigations every day without permission or notifying other officers.’

Detective Grus did NOT disobey any oral or written orders, written procedures, standing orders, or rules and regulations of the Ottawa Police Service.

In the absence of a direct, detailed order to not do something, any police officer has not only the authority, but the SWORN DUTY to independently initiate any investigation they want – without permission, and without notifying any other police officer or supervisor.

— Donald Best

To underscore just how wrong this “she didn’t have the authority to dig on her own agency” argument is, the August 2023 trial heard that in 2018 Grus had combed through OPS records without permission to crack a cold case, which ended in apprehension and prosecution of a violent child rapist.

If she is being persecuted now, logic dictates that she should be retroactively prosecuted for that violent child rapist arrest, as well. What’s the difference?

Grus’ legal team contended that she wasn’t pursuing an “unauthorized investigation.” Instead, she was gathering evidence to present higher up the chain of command. She repeatedly tried to bring her investigation to the attention of her supervisors — for example, here is a letter she sent to the Chief of Police in September 2021, asking him, “Will Ottawa Police take full legal and financial liability for any injuries, adverse effects and/or death occurring to members following the receipt of any EUA vaccine potentially mandated?”

In response, Grus’s commanding officer “told Sexual Assault and Child Abuse detectives to avoid working alone with Grus and instead use a buddy system to avoid what Sgt. Guy described as “disruptive” conversations about Covid-19.”

In addition to the patronizing buddy system, Grus was relegated to another police station, because co-workers “feared the unvaccinated Grus could infect them.”

Part of the reason for this relegation was that her supervisors were angry that she “either lied, or found a loophole” to rent a hockey rink in Ottawa for her three boys to play hockey, while minor hockey leagues were requiring children to show proof of vaccination.

Police Used Freedom Convoy as an Excuse to Wiretap

Grus was suspended on February 4th—at the height of the Canadian trucker protest—just 10 days before Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act, and just 14 days before the infamous old-lady-trampled-by-horse incident.


During Grus’ trial, it was revealed that the Ottawa Police used the trucker protest as leverage to invoke Section 188(2), authorizing an ‘Urgent Emergency’ wiretap.

Typically, such expedited wiretap authorizations are preserved for urgent cases—abductions, terrorism, or violent organized crime—where formalities can’t forestall action. This wiretap also enveloped the communications of her family, friends, and associates, extending beyond calls to encompass emails, chats, photos, and covert activation of smartphone microphones.

“I accept the fact that there are real and dangerous criminals out there who deserve to be wiretapped. But in this particular case, the wiretap had nothing to do with justice. It had nothing to do with a danger to society. The fact that the ‘Urgent’ wiretap wasn’t followed up with a ‘real’ wiretap says it all. It was a political tool on a fishing expedition.”

— Rob Stocki, former Ottawa Police Sergeant

During the trial, Gru’s lawyer wanted to argue about the wiretap. The hearing officer, a retired police superintendent, stopped them, saying “We are not going to go any further,” because the wiretap was in relation to a criminal matter while the current tribunal served an administrative function. “Take it to the Minister of the Attorney General (of Ontario),” Grus was told.

Her prosecution then played a three-hour internal interview of Detective Grus that caused one retired RCMP observer to declare, “This is becoming a trial about Ottawa Police officers being in Neglect of Duty for failing to properly investigate Sudden Infant Deaths, and for obstructing Detective Grus’s investigations.”

In the recorded compelled statement, Grus audibly sobs while recounting her experience with officers who, during town halls, presented their vaccine injuries to the upper echelons of the police department.

“(One member) had heart issues, another swollen lymph nodes the size of a grapefruit … I’m not OK with babies dying and not getting answers … Every death is suspicious until you rule all suspicion out.”

— Detective Helen Grus

In a recent interview, famous NYPD Detective and Medal of Honor Recipient Frank Serpico vehemently criticized the Ottawa Police for their alleged cover-up in the Grus case. Serpico says, “Incompetence or criminality will go to any length not to be exposed even at the cost of innocent infant lives.”

Microsoft Teams Coverup
The Ottawa Police have canceled the ‘Teams’ internet broadcast of the Grus case while continuing to facilitate broadcasts of other disciplinary cases.

This decision inherently restricts public and media access, confining it exclusively to journalists who can physically attend the hearing, ensuring only local Ottawa journalists—scum of the earth—have first-hand access to the Grus trial.

They don’t want the internet to know about this case.

Grus’ trial is set to continue on Oct. 30.

With eight police witnesses yet to be cross-examined, and at least five expert witnesses, the tribunal is anticipated to extend well into 2024.

Detective Grus has already personally covered over $40,000 in legal fees, a figure that could easily exceed $100,000 depending on how long this drags on.

Let’s help her.

Here is a link to the Helen Grus Legal Defense Fund:

Should she win and have her legal costs covered, Grus has committed to refunding the donations or offering donors the option to redirect their contributions to a charitable organization.