Youtuber Hailed a “Crypto Genius” Reveals New Cryptocurrency He Expects Will Turn $100 into $10,000 By 19 May 2024

Over 3700 people – many who know nothing about crypto – rush to copy crypto legend, James McMahon, as they anticipate life-changing money with no work

Legendary crypto investor, James McMahon, has announced he has found yet another cryptocurrency that will rise by at least 100 times in price.

If proven correct again, those who copy James as he buys and sells the coin will see their money multiply within a matter of months.

A mere $100 will turn into more than $10,000. $1000 into $100,000 and so on.

Over 3700 men and women have rushed to join James’ ‘copy along’ website Copy My Crypto.

Members range from high school janitors to multi-millionaires. Many have admitted to having known nothing about crypto or how to invest, but have joined as no such knowledge is required.
Long time member Dean Wellington, whose profits from copying James crossed $800,000 in July 2023, describes the Copy My Crypto site as:

“It’s like having a big brother who knows what he’s doing. You don’t need to know a thing about crypto, or how to invest, as you simply copy what James does.”

James’ Past Prediction Record

James first gained fame as he shared every crypto he bought and sold live on his ‘Crypto with James’ Youtube channel – which recently crossed the 52,000 subscriber mark.

As it was public on Youtube, this made James the first, and only cryptocurrency expert to date, whose claims about their success and profits could actually be verified.

Prior to starting Copy My Crypto in March 2021, James released youtube videos where he bought 26 coins. 

His viewers who invested $100 into each coin when James did went on to make over $123,000 profit within 18 months.

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Previous 100x predictions

James’ latest 100x cryptocurrency prediction will be his sixth in total. He has been correct all previous five times, with the least successful rising by 148 times in price.

However, three of the five predictions were private on the  Copy My Crypto website. While hundreds of members have vouched for the correct predictions, there is no way for our editorial staff to verify this.

We have however verified James’ other two public predictions. These are:

1) Fantom (FTM):  In May 2020, James released a $20 course titled “The #1 Cryptocurrency Investment of the Year”.

The coin was Fantom, which was priced at half a cent. In Oct 2021, Fantom hit $3.46 – turning $100 into $69,200.

2) Ponyo Inu (PONYO):  In Oct 2021, James released a youtube video titled “100x coin found”.

The coin was Ponyo Inu which proceeded to rise by 390 times within a fortnight. Those who copied James with $100 made $39,000 in just 13 days.

NOTE: Normally, James would not have released the Ponyo Inu prediction on Youtube as Copy My Crypto was active. He did so as a thank you for the channel reaching 10,000 subscribers.

James’ Latest Prediction

James will announce his latest 100x crypto within the next few days.

He has stated that he expects the coin to drop in price through April and is waiting for the perfect time to buy.

When he does, he will announce the buy on the Copy My Crypto site and not the Youtube channel.

Those who wish to copy him can do so by signing up today.

Copy My Crypto is on sale for $1.

Offer ends midnight on April 27, 2024

Copy My Crypto is currently running a birthday sale to celebrate the anniversary of the Youtube channel.

New members can join today and get full access for just $1.

The offer is due to end at midnight Saturday, April 27, 2024 – or earlier if membership hits 4000 members.

Should membership reach 4000 members, prior to midnight, the website will auto-update back to full price.