WEF Insiders Jump Ship As Prosecutors Prepare Nuremberg 2.0 Trials

Two years ago, Klaus Schwab openly bragged that the World Economic Forum and their globalist stakeholders were on track to have total control over the human race by the year 2030.

Unfortunately for Schwab and his dystopian vision of microchips, open air prisons, and reduced populations, the last two years have not gone to plan. In fact, they have been a disaster for the globalists. The people of the world are slowly but surely waking up to the truth about his evil agenda and Schwab and his cronies are now terrified of being served justice.

The global elite are now acting like cornered rats and it’s our job to make sure they do not escape.

When historians look back on this era it will be remembered as the time the globalist elite revealed their hand and began to lose their grip on power.

As the people wake up and rise up against them, the elite are scrambling to beg for our forgiveness.

World Economic Forum professor Scott Galloway, who ordered government’s to implement strict lockdown measures during the pandemic, has pleaded with the public for “forgiveness” and admitted that the draconian rules were “evil and unnecessary.”

The WEF-funded NYU professor confessed his sins during a Bill Maher panel discussion where he admitted he was “wrong” for siding with the globalists.

It sounds like the elite are aware the dam wall is about to burst and their plandemic crimes are about to be exposed to the mainstream.

School closures are just the tip of an enormous iceberg.

Are we expected to erase the record of those responsible for leaving sick children to waste away in hospitals all alone, for separating husband from wife, for stopping families from holding the hands of the dying or gathering for their funerals? No, no, and again, no.

After mandates forced people out of jobs, destroying livelihoods and lives, and the vaccine-turned-therapeutic was exposed as failing to stop transmission, are we really expected to stop asking about its potential side effects, or the relationship between Big Pharma companies and the FDA?

Are we really to let bygones be bygones for masking and lockdowns that will set young people back for a decade, that shuttered businesses across the country, that multiplied deaths of despair?

As the world continues to wake up to the crimes of the globalist elite and the public mood worsens, the elite are floating the idea of a “Covid amnesty” for the elite decision makers who ruined millions of lives by enforcing draconian lockdowns, masks on children, and barbaric vaccine mandates.

According to a viral Atlantic article, the elite, including Fauci, Gates and Biden, should be given a free pass and granted amnesty against prosecution as more and more evidence of their malpractice and outright criminality continues to surface.

We simply cannot grant the elite a little “grace and forgiveness,” let alone an amnesty, because this is an existential battle. To put it bluntly, the elite have admitted they want to murder the majority of us.

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Why do we need to double-down on our efforts to expose the elite and wake up as many people as possible? Because the World Economic Forum has urged government’s to reduce their populations by 86% “as a matter or urgency” in order to save planet and give the globalist elite a “higher standard of living.”

The most recet demand was made by WEF official Dennis Meadows, who argues that the massive depopulation drive can be achieved “peacefully” if the human population is sufficiently brainwashed into accepting their fate.

Meadows is a long-term globalist thought leader and one of the authors of the Club of Rome’s 1972 pro-depopulation book “The Limits to Growth.”

According to senior WEF executive, the elite plan to murder you “peacefully” and in a civil manner.

Should we forgive and forget, grant them amnesty and allow them to regroup and rebrand?

Or is it time for Nuremberg 2.0?

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