Bill Gates: “It’s Time To Replace Teachers With Elite-Controlled A.I.”

Billionaire eugenicist has called for artificial intelligence to replace teachers in the classroom as part of a plan to make schools more aligned with globalist ideology.

According to Gates, AI chatbots would be far superior in teaching children how to read, write and perform mathematical equations.

Speaking on his “Unconfuse Me” podcast, Gates told Khan Academy CEO Sal Khan that elite-controlled Artificial Intelligence will be a huge step forward in transforming our failing education system:

“Very few students get feedback [from software programs] on an essay that this could be clearer, you really skipped this piece and the reasoning,” Gates declared.

“I do think the AI will be like a great high school teacher who really marks your essay, and you go back and think, ‘OK, I need to step up there.’” reports: Some AI tutors already exist, including one called Khanmigo that’s being developed by Khan Academy. It’s powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool, which also fuels the AI integrated into Microsoft’s Bing search engine, and can already “act like a fairly good human tutor,” Khan said — albeit with the caveat that today’s AI chatbots still regularly make mistakes.

The program shows an ability to to walk students through the steps of solving math problems or other classroom lessons, but some teachers have expressed concerns that it’s too quick to provide students with answers, rather than helping them learn to solve problems themselves, The New York Times reported in June.

Khan Academy is also experimenting with using the tool to help facilitate student discussions, potentially providing “an army of teaching assistants for every teacher,” Khan added.

The chatbot could, for example, help initiate and lead educational breakout sessions, guiding students through a discussion topic or difficult math problem. “Let’s make them explain the math to each other,” Khan said, adding that a goal of AI education tools should be to recreate the experience of “sitting with friends and working on a particularly hard problem.”