Stephen Nolan Scandal explained: BBC refuses to comment on Stephen Nolan allegations

Despite myriad attempts to get a response from the BBC on allegations against its male television broadcaster Stephen Nolan, the media reporters have not got a single comment on it. The BBC refused to comment on serious allegations levied on Stephen Nolan. However, The Irish News made numerous claims about Stephen Nolan on Tuesday including he allegedly sent a sexually explicit image of a renowned personality to another staff member. Now, people have been thrown into a frenzy to unfold the details of Stephen Nolan’s scandal. In this column, we have poured in all the details and information that you need to know about the Stephen Nolan scandal. Continue reading this article. Scroll down for details.

Stephen Nolan Scandal explained

Do you know Stephen Nolan is the 5th highest-paid presenter working at BBC? Stephen Nolan earns between £400,000–£404,999. Despite serious allegations against him, the BBC presenter appeared on his show “BBC Radio Ulster” as usual and no discussion of the allegations against him happened during the program. The Irish News alleged that Stephen Nolan has been accused of harassing and bullying a former staff member. Isn’t it shocking? Swipe down the page and read more details.

The Irish News also stated that messages between team members on programs associated with Stephen Nolan included abusive remarks about politicians. Director of BBC Northern Ireland Adam Smyth stated, “There are important considerations of fairness and confidentiality involved in the handling of any workplace-related complaint. We take these obligations seriously and in the interests of everyone involved. It is for these reasons that we cannot comment on the specifics of any individual case, who/what it may have involved, or its outcome.” In addition, BBC Northern Ireland’s Director also said that the star presenter refused to comment on the matter. Take a look below for further details.

When Nolan was asked through BBC’s press office, the broadcaster refused to comment on the matter. An MP of DUP asserted the reporting had highlighted  “significant multi-layered issues” that need a response from the BBC. This ultimately is an issue of how public money is used in Northern Ireland and it deserves the same level of scrutiny and questioning, both from the BBC and other sections of the media” said Gregory Campbell. As the allegations against the star broadcaster Nolan, the news agencies need a response from the organization and the accused BBC broadcaster. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.