Jacob Crouch Parents: Who are Gemma Barton and Father Craig Crouch?

Jacob Crouch was born on 17 February 2020, healthy and full of promise. However, his young life came to a tragic end on 30 December 2020 when he was found deceased in his cot at his home in Linton, near Swadlincote in Derbyshire. In the aftermath, a harrowing discovery was made – Jacob had endured 39 rib fractures, 19 visible bruises, and several internal injuries. After a rigorous seven-week trial at Derby Crown Court, the jury deliberated for four days before delivering their verdict.

Jacob’s stepfather, Craig Crouch (39), was convicted of murder and three counts of child cruelty, holding him responsible for the horrific outcome. Jacob’s mother, Gemma Barton (33), on the other hand, was cleared of murder and an alternative charge of manslaughter. However, she was found guilty of causing or allowing the death of a child and a third count of child cruelty. This tragic case highlights the devastating consequences of child abuse, and it is essential that those responsible for such heinous actions face the appropriate consequences under the law.

Who are Jacob Crouch’s Parents?

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Bullock of Derbyshire Police spoke outside the court, shedding light on the heart-wrenching reality of Jacob Crouch’s life. Despite being born into a family where trust should have been paramount, Jacob was subjected to a culture of cruelty, enduring assaults that he should never have experienced. Detective Chief Inspector Bullock expressed that throughout his brief life, Jacob must have suffered significant pain due to the serious and repeated assaults. The evidence found on the phones of Gemma Barton and Craig Crouch, including text messages, videos, and audio recordings, implicated both of them in creating the culture of cruelty that Jacob endured.

As a father himself, Detective Chief Inspector Bullock struggled to comprehend the disturbing events that unfolded behind closed doors. He extended his heartfelt condolences to Jacob’s wider family, who have been left devastated by the tragic loss of the young child. During the case’s opening in June, prosecutor Mary Prior KC revealed that neither Gemma Barton nor Craig Crouch sought medical assistance for Jacob, despite the pain and suffering caused by his broken bones and in the subsequent days.


Jacob was not given the necessary care he deserved as a baby, and his death was attributed to a “vicious assault,” which occurred as a result of consistent abuse within a “culture of cruelty.” Dr. Sarah Dixon, a consultant pediatrician, provided evidence in court, stating that Jacob endured repeated physical abuse in the weeks, days, and hours leading up to his death, and the injuries could not have been self-inflicted. One of the severe injuries Jacob sustained was a traumatic bowel perforation, leading to a fatal infection. Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Biggs confirmed that such an injury could only have resulted from blunt force trauma, possibly a punch, kick, or stamp.

The nature of the injuries was comparable to those seen in car crash victims or individuals who had experienced a significant fall. Expert evidence revealed that Jacob suffered rib fractures during at least five separate assaults, and he later succumbed to peritonitis, an infection of the abdominal organs’ lining, which proved fatal. Despite the severity of Jacob’s injuries, Craig Crouch claimed in a 999 call that Jacob was “fine” just two hours before paramedics pronounced him dead.