Yoga for constipation: Best poses for quick relief

Many problems surround man with deteriorating lifestyle and routine. Obesity, acidity, indigestion, back pain and many more problems. Eating disorders are considered to be the root cause of all diseases. The biggest problem is cleaning the stomach every day. Or human beings face the problem of constipation. If care is not taken in time then this problem can take a monstrous form. But medicine is not the only way to avoid all these. You can keep yourself healthy by doing regular yoga poses in your routine. Let’s find out what Yoga Instructor Savita Yadav taught in today’s Live Session.

First put on the mat and sit up straight. Straighten the waist and neck. Now join both your hands and move the palm towards the front and carry it over the head. Stretch as much as you can. Now close your eyes and watch your breath coming in and out.

Start with meditation
Any yoga pose should start with meditation. This concentrates the mind and good results of yoga are seen. Focus on your breathing. Then chant any mantra with Om.

Now stand up straight and place your hands on your hips. Roll your legs around, stand on your toes and then come down then stand on your heels. Repeat this process 10 times.


Kaua Chalasan
First bend the knees and sit in the malasana. During this time your ankles should touch the hips.
Now bend your knees slightly and sit on your toes and place your hands on your knees.
Now rest your right knee on the ground on the inside
Then lift the left leg and move it forward and rest it on the ground
Now keep the left leg forward while keeping the left knee on the ground.
Keep moving in the same direction.
Proceed to the distance of the mat and then return to your place.
Do this action at least 5-7 times.
If you are doing asanas in a place where it is not difficult to keep your knees down, move in the same direction as you can.
Remember to always do the trick with your toes.
During this asana you will feel a stretch in the lower part of the body.
This will help you burn fat faster. As well as constipation
You may find it difficult to balance in the beginning. So it is better to support the body with your hands on the ground.

Butterfly or butterfly seat
Butterfly posture This posture is especially beneficial for women. To do the butterfly asana, sit with legs spread forward, keeping the spine straight. Bend the knees and bring both legs towards the pelvis. Hold both your legs tightly with both hands. You can keep your hands under your feet for support. Try to bring the heel as close to the genitals as possible. Take long, deep breaths, exhale and press the thighs towards the ground. Start moving both legs up and down like butterfly wings. Accelerate slowly. Inhale and exhale. Do this as much as you can in the beginning. Gradually increase the practice.

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