WATCH: Paige saraya video viral tape sparks controversy online

Saraya Jade Bevis, better known by her ring name Paige, is a well-known professional wrestler with a notable career in WWE. She gained recognition for her achievements, including being a two-time WWE Divas Champion and the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion. Paige’s interest in wrestling began at a young age, and she made her debut at just 13 years old under the ring name Britani Knight for her family’s wrestling promotion, WAW. Her talent and dedication earned her opportunities, leading to her success in the wrestling industry. In September 2022, she signed with AEW (All Elite Wrestling) and made her debut for the company at Grand Slam.

Paige Saraya viral video

However, Paige’s career has been marked by not only her professional accomplishments but also a personal scandal that gained significant attention online. In 2017, her private video was viral and circulated on various social media platforms, including Twitter. This incident led to her being embroiled in controversy and receiving criticism. Despite the passage of time, there are still online users who are curious about the details of the viral video. It’s important to note that some sources and accounts on social media have also shared fake videos or misleading information in order to gain views and attention.

The viral videos and images from 2017 exposed Paige’s private moments, and she faced considerable backlash and scrutiny during that period. This unfortunate incident was a challenging moment in her life, but she has continued to focus on her wrestling career and personal growth. The viral  video involving Paige (Saraya Jade Bevis) was a significant controversy that garnered attention and criticism on social media. In the video, another person was seen recording the intimate moment between Paige and another individual. The identity of the person who viral the video remains unclear, but Paige bore the brunt of negative reactions from the public.

Despite the backlash, Paige also received support from various quarters, including WWE. Her well-wishers were interested in hearing her perspective on the incident. In 2022, Paige appeared on the podcast “The Sessions” hosted by Renee Paquette. During the podcast, she openly discussed the moment when the video was viral . Paige shared that she was deeply embarrassed by the incident and recalled feeling shocked when the person she was with posted the picture on Twitter. She revealed that she was just 19 years old at the time and felt overwhelmed, to the point where she didn’t want to continue living. She was worried about disappointing her father but ultimately received support from him. WWE also provided support to Paige during this challenging time. They offered assistance in removing as much of the viral footage from the internet as possible. In spite of the difficulties she faced, Paige has managed to overcome the controversy and is doing well in her life. She can be followed on Instagram under the handle @saraya.