VIDEO: Kamala Calls For Gun Confiscation…Again!

In the aftermath of the devastating Lewiston event, where a man claimed 18 lives and left many wounded, Vice President Kamala Harris has vocalized her strong opposition to gun violence, using the platform to advocate for tighter gun control.

Key Points:

  • Lewiston incident sees 18 dead, prompting Harris’s gun control push.
  • Harris references Australia’s 1997 gun retrieval strategy.
  • Social media erupts with criticism and concerns over potential U.S. gun confiscation.

Examining International Measures

Drawing comparisons with Australia’s gun control success, Harris highlighted the difference proactive measures can make. At a luncheon alongside Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, she remarked, “Witnessing the undue pain gun violence inflicts on American families, particularly children, is heart-wrenching. Australia’s example shows us there are effective paths we can follow.”

Historically, Australia undertook a significant measure in 1996-1997, reclaiming approximately 650,000 privately-held firearms. A study from 2022 identifies this act as among the most robust mandatory gun buyback efforts of modern times.

Vice President’s Remarks: A Social Media Flashpoint

Harris’s statements didn’t go unnoticed, particularly on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Several users accused her of suggesting a similar gun confiscation initiative in the U.S. Collin Rugg, from Trending Politics, noted, “Australia’s strategy might have worked for them, but implying that the U.S. should mirror those steps is concerning.”

Other voices, such as podcast host Robby Starbuck, echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing that the Democratic party’s alleged intent might be to seize firearms, a move he vehemently opposes.

Contextualizing the Tragedy

This discourse emerges in the shadow of the recent attack on Oct. 25, where an individual named Robert Card embarked on a heinous spree before allegedly ending his life, sparking a nationwide manhunt. Reflecting on the incident, Harris expressed, “Yet another locale, Lewiston, has suffered the brunt of unwarranted gun violence. Simple, everyday spots like bowling alleys and diners have become haunting sites of unimaginable pain.”

Concluding her comments, the Vice President conveyed her sympathies to the affected, sharing, “Together with Doug, we extend our condolences to the bereaved and hope for the recovery of the wounded. It’s impossible to fathom the depth of the community’s sorrow.”

Potential Implications

As the national conversation on gun control escalates, any proposals resembling Australia’s approach could lead to intense debate within the U.S. It’s crucial for policymakers to weigh the benefits of stricter gun control against the cultural and constitutional significance of firearm ownership in the country.

FAQ Section

Q: What did Kamala Harris suggest regarding gun control? A: Vice President Kamala Harris highlighted the need for stricter gun control, referencing Australia’s 1997 gun retrieval strategy as a potential model.

Q: How did social media users react to her comments? A: Many users, especially on platforms like Twitter, expressed concerns and criticized the Vice President for seemingly advocating gun confiscation similar to Australia’s approach.

JUST IN: Kamala Harris references Australia as a country the United States should model themselves after when it comes to gun control.

Starting in 1996, Australia collected about 650,000 privately owned guns in a mandatory buyback.

They also established a gun registry and…

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) October 26, 2023