Restored Republic via a GCR Update

Judy Note, Sunday 28th of April, mission completed. And just when we thought that we’d seen it all, the world was shaken by the shocking news. What will happen next will shock the world. Tucker is not afraid to stand against Obama. The information that will be made public on Tuesdays, April 30th, 2024, War may lead to fall of the current government in United States. – Donald J. Trump on Telegram Sunday, April 28, 2024.

The war is real. The threat is real. Clinton panic. Clinton fear. Obama is not in the US. Judgment Day Coming. The 17th letter. Jfk Jr. On Telegram Sunday, April 28, 2024. Global financial collapse on the horizon. Banksnotbasal 3 compliant by Thursday second of May will be closed. First Republic Bank has already collapsed. While the Kabal’s non-asset-backed digital currency won’t be available until 2030, the global currency reset of 209 independent republics to gold/asset-backed currencies was already in motion and expected to culminate on Wednesday 1 May.

A new beginning. Sunday 28th of April, JFK Jr. Is alive. Operation Storm surfacing April 30th. Sunday 28th of April, White Hats now control HAARP. Sunday 28th of April, massive wedge tornado heading directly to Madison, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas. Tornado watch for DFW and from Paris to Waco, Texas until 07:00 AM CST. Another powerful tornado heading for the same areas that just got directly hit Salford, Ardmor, Mill Creek, and Dixon, Oklahoma. This would be the third time. This is not normal. This is weather manipulation. This is weather warfare. Here we go again.

Take shelter immediately. Sunday, 28th of April. Play the Cue card. Judy Byington, Unredacted, Defcon 5 is active. We are close. Cue the last stand. Play the Cue card. Potus. Special Intel report, April 28th, 2024. Sunday, 28th of April. Situation update. Situation update. The end is near for the cabal. Republic First Bank collapses. Soros Funding campus protests. June sixth, the day of storms with raging tornadoes. Restored Republic, WTPN. 8 Timing 2s. 30th of April, launch of Operation Storm. Announcement JFK Jr. Is alive and the new USA Republic vice President under Donald Trump.

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According to Goldilocks, a market reset will now happen across all sectors, including Forex. Wednesday, first of May day, a new beginning. On Thursday, second of May, if a bank was not Basel III compliant, they would either be closed or absorbed by another bank. The Central Bank of Brazil would launch their new international banking system. Ebs test. Sunday, fifth of May, Orthodox Easter. Be effective April 30th, 2024. The depository trust company is giving us a notice. They’re telling us that their coverage for settlement risks in assets or securities that are not collateralized could be at risk in a market moving into real values.

Corporate notes or bonds are moving from 50% to 70% haircut value. Cryptocurrencies have a haircut value potential of 100%, and this includes Bitcoin. In other words, any asset going forward that is not backed by a commodity has a haircut value risk when the market resets into a new set of values based on real-world assets. What are we being told could happen after April 30th, 2024? A market reset across all sectors of the market, including Forex. See Global Currency Reset on Tuesdays. 23rd of April, an announcement was made on the official website of the Central Bank of Brazil

about the advent of a new international banking system scheduled to launch on May second, 2024. The Iraqi Denar was the king pin that would launch the Global Currency Reset of 209 countries. The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq has told the citizens to prepare for a currency exchange, TNT Tony. On Friday, 26th of April, the National Bank of Iraq went live with core banking in payments. Saturday, April 27th, 2024, Iraqi Denar is done. Wait for it. D. Global financial collapse. The First Republic Bank has collapsed. Saturday, 27th of April, Kabbal Digital Currency designed to rule the world by 2030.

Brics conducts $260 billion worth of trade without US dollar. The BRICS countries aim to eliminate the US dollar from all global trade and transactions by 2024. The block’s goal is to put local currencies above the US dollar to strengthen domestic economies and businesses. The alliance is also urging other developing countries to follow suit and make payments for cross-border transactions in local currencies. Brics makes major announcement about expansion. Sunday 28th of April, Cuban Bank runs. Sunday 28th of April, Fed rates cuts for stock market crash,

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recession. Sunday 28th of April, Vanguard issues urgent warning to all investors, the market is in danger. E-wars and Rumors of Wars. Sunday 28th of April, Israel has bombed the food donation Center in Raafa. Sunday 28th of April, BQQM. Military Intel. Trump emergency request, EBS, Gezara military law, secret military tribunals, Vatican, Medbeds, Buckingham Palace, Big Pharma, Causarian Group, Castle Rock, and more, popcorn and movie time. Sunday, 28th of April, Chinese fighter jets could reach Taiwan presidential office in minutes. Sunday, 28th of April. Every is on the table.

They are fighting back. Dirty bombs. Pakistan and India is a powder keg. War by global means is necessary for them. The United States of America is the only true deterrent in the global game of risk. The 17th letter. Jfk Jr. On Telegram, Sunday, April 28, 2024. Monday, 15th of April, Operation Storm 2024, Global US military operation. Donald J. Trump Commander-in-Chief, The Apocalypse Showdown in Washington, DC. Continuation of government. The event is imminent. Saturday, 20th of April, decoding the imminent EBS, military and training for implementation of the emergency broadcast system.

Thursday, fourth of April. Special report. Military forces, Q, and the EBS, according to ground command, the entire world is currently under international or global martial law. Sunday, 28th of April. White Hat Intel, the person who left the bombs was identified as an FBI correspondent. Lots is happening in the US. The deep state cabal prepare to create near-civil war events. This all comes as CIA Ukraine proxy war fails and Russian military has violated the CIA/NATO operations. Now UN/Dalvos/NATO is begging the EU to create a military to fight Russia. Unfortunately,

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EU intelligence and several secretaries of defense have given military assessments that the EU counties are out of ammunition and munitions. This all comes as NATO has failed to produce the 1 million a month ammunition productions and less than 20% has been produced. Ukraine is holding billions of US and DU tax dollars, but have no place to buy ammunition. And moreover, the Ukraine military has nearly been wiped out, and the last of reserves are being used, pulling people off the streets to fight. Young and old, major panic in the United Nations as US military assessment and war gaming operations

and simulation war with Iran is a negative outcome. Iran has over 40 million men willing to fight. And Iran military is highly advanced with weapons and has some of the highest military ammunition stock reserves in the world. Underscore, Turkey, Russia, China will back Iran, and Saudi Arabia will completely shut off the US from oil wires. Intelligence reports state that the non-jurisdiction of the US military illegally stationed in Syria is where the US soldiers came from. They were not part of the US military base in Jordan. Massive cover-up is happening in the US military with Biden administration and CIA,DS, news agencies pushing the false stories. Several colonials in the US have unstated that Iran would not use drones to attack as Iran has some of the most advanced weapon systems in the world,

and the drone strike were made by local militias. Efres toward Republic, Saturday, 27th of April. The Johnny Watcher Show, Conspiracy 101, E9, Deep State, Snapshots, Operation Mockingbird. Saturday, 27th of April. Boom. Important drops and very classified information that is hidden in the Vatican, military operations and several branches of deep dark operations and alliance operations. Sunday, 28th of April. Warning. The entire world is now compromised. Currently, it is under international or global martial law. Knock, knock. It’s FEMA. We’re here for your guns and stockpile. G. White had until Sunday, 28th of April. Patriots, chain.