Report: Zelensky Is Planning A ‘Tour Of Solidarity’ To Israel

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is seeking to visit Israel to support Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s campaign against Gaza, according to a report by Axios.

Citing anonymous officials from both Ukraine and Israel, the US outlet said that Zelensky’s office has sent Netanyahu’s office an official request to coordinate a visit.

Axios claimed the trip would “boost international support for Israel’s counteroffensive against Hamas in Gaza.”

Zelensky has previously voiced concerns about losing the West’s attention…..maybe such a move will bolster his popularity once more.

Infowars reports: The discussions are still in the preliminary stage and no date has been set, according to Axios’ sources. Neither government would confirm or deny the report on the record, however.

Zelensky was in Belgium on Wednesday, meeting with NATO defense ministers to ask for more weapons and ammunition. Speaking with reporters, he said international support meant a lot to Ukraine in the early days of the conflict with Russia.

“This is why I urge all leaders to visit Israel and show their support for the people,” the Ukrainian leader said. “I’m not talking about any institutions, but about support for the people who suffered from terrorist attacks and are dying today.”

Since Saturday, when Hamas launched rockets and commando raids into Israeli territory, the conflict in Ukraine has virtually disappeared from news coverage in the West. Visiting Romania on Tuesday, Zelensky lamented this absence from the spotlight.

“If international attention shifts away from Ukraine, one way or another, it will have consequences,” he told France 2. “The fate of Ukraine depends on the unity of the rest of the world.”

Zelensky also blamed Moscow for the attacks by the Palestinian militants, claiming Russia “helped Hamas and is behind Hamas,” without offering any evidence. Earlier he cited Ukrainian intelligence claims that Russia wanted to trigger a war in the Middle East in order to “undermine world unity” and “destroy freedom in Europe.”