Petroleum Risk Analyst Jobs in USA | QuikTrip Career

Primary Purpose of Job:

Perform key risk management, pricing and control functions for QuikTrip’s Petroleum supply, trading, and distribution activities. Responsible for preparation and distribution of daily position, mark-to-market (MTM), and petroleum dashboard projects. Perform daily analysis of positions to assess risk, ensure accuracy, and maintain compliance with supply and trading policy. Initiate, develop, and distribute analytical insights using data and financial analysis to guide bulk petroleum strategies. Responsible for the accuracy of QT specific bulk pricing data. Support ETRM system enhancements and provide functional support to all Petroleum related groups. Maintain working knowledge of industry regulations, compliance, and reporting requirements.

Major Functions for this Position:

Perform daily reporting and analysis of QuikTrip’s supply and trading positions, MTM, and P&L (25% of total job)

· Prepare and distribute daily positions and MTM reports for assigned products (gasoline, diesel, ethanol, renewables, and RINs) in the Petroleum Supply, Wholesale, and Speculative trading books by established deadline

· Analyze trades, reports, and source documents for accuracy, riskiness, and non-compliant or unusual activity. Ensure all contract terms are modeled accurately in the ETRM system to ensure accurate exposure, valuation, and settlements are reflected.

· Responsible for understanding and communicating factors that drive traded positions and MTM changes as well as associated risks within the Supply and Speculative trading books.

· Responsible for understanding and communicating pricing factors that impact bulk margin and daily P&L. Proficient across all secondary costs associated with the purchase, shipment, and delivery or product (i.e. broker fees, pipeline tariffs, storage costs, and factors affecting transfer prices).

Ensure bulk transactions are accurately captured in the appropriate system(s) for daily reporting, valuation, portfolio optimization, risk modeling, and historical analysis (25% of total job)

· Maintain a database of daily forward market prices for all open petroleum (including ethanol) supply & trading contracts and inventory positions. Validate daily market prices by referring to third-party market quotations, broker quotations, and information obtained from internal traders. Ensure the integrity of historical market and settled price data.

· Ensure ETRM system price data imports are accurate and complete.

· Understand pricing structure and relationships across gasoline, diesel, ethanol, renewables, and RINs; cash and derivatives; products, grades, and RVPs.

· Provide daily summaries of cash and exchange settlement prices to traders, specialists, and managers.

· Provide other ad-hoc price analysis as required.

Develop new reporting, provide inter-departmental support through data analysis and research, assist in special projects, and provide ETRM system support as necessary (25% of total job).

· Provide data analysis and research using internally developed tools and data sources for the Petroleum business and management as requested.

· Provide ad-hoc market and risk analysis and reporting as requested.

· Establish and provide key performance tracking metrics, reporting, and analysis or market trends.

· Develop new and support existing ETRM reports, tools, and processes in order to enhance efficiency, strengthen controls, and support the business. Test new or enhanced functionality and reporting as needed.

· Participate in other special department projects.

Ensure compliance for both internal and external regulations (10% of total job)

· Have strong knowledge and understanding of the QuikTrip Supply & Trading Policy. Enforce and communicate risk limits. Maintain up to date policy documentation.

· Ensure all positions comply with the QuikTrip Supply & Trading Policy. Communicate with traders and Petroleum Compliance Manager any issues or significant changes and take appropriate actions in a timely fashion.

· Prepare all required environmental or governmental reporting relevant to Petroleum Supply & Trading activities, such as CA LCFS and AZ RFG, timely and accurately.

Assist Petroleum Accounting with reconciliation of invoice discrepancies and financial closing (5% of total job)

· Ensure accurate booking of MTM on unsettled contracts, settled futures transactions, and speculative trading activity for monthly closing.

· Provide month-end settled and market prices to accounting personnel for inventory and forward contract MTM calculations.

· Ensure all index deals are priced accurately and timely. Work with brokers, counterparty contracts, and QT Petroleum traders to resolve and pricing discrepancies as needed.

· Provide analysis and effectively communicate drivers of monthly QTFuels P&L as needed.

Serve as point of contact for internal and external audits. Provide documentation, coordinate responses, and provide interview responses when requested (5% of total job).

Back up other Risk Analyst(s), Supply Analyst(s), Petroleum Compliance Specialist, and Petroleum Risk Manager when individuals are out of the office or as needed (5% of total job)

Position in Organization:

Reports to: Petroleum Risk Manager

Directly/Indirectly Supervises: N/A


Inside the Company: Petroleum Department, Petroleum Accounting, Corporate Finance and Corporate Accounting, Internal Audit, IT

Outside the Company: Petroleum cash contract counterparts, NYMEX and Cash Market Brokers, External Auditors, ETRM Consultants.

Position Specifications

The required specifications (education, experience, and skills) are those that the employee must have to hold the position. Applicants applying for this position must possess the required specifications in order to be considered for the job. The desired specifications are those that are not required for the employee to hold the position, but the employee should try to obtain the desired education, experience, and/or skills to be effective and successful in the position.

Required education: Bachelor’s degree in business or information systems; or equivalent experience

Desired Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Finance

Required Experience: One to three years of experience in Petroleum or Commodity Supply & Trading Operations, Accounting, or Finance Position.

Desired Experience: One to three years of experience working with Petroleum or Commodity Supply & Trading Risk Management, ETRM, Contracts or Compliance

Required Skills: Intermediate Microsoft Excel spreadsheet skills

Desired Skills: Experience in PowerBI, Access or database software. ETRM system experience.

Additional Criteria:

This position requires very strong communication, interpersonal, and analytical skills. The individual is required to not only perform daily processes but also be able to review the results of those processes and identify unusual items. This position requires the individual to be a fast learner capable of developing an understanding of the petroleum supply chain and how the petroleum markets transact business. This position requires an individual with high attention to detail while being comfortable and able to focus working in an open environment with multiple distractions and personal interaction.

Starting Salary Range: $72,500 to $90,600 per year