Jari Rosendal Sairaus And Disease: Was Kemira President An Alcoholic?

Kemira’s President has passed away, and the social media sources are loaded with questions about Jari Rosendal sairaus and Disease. Was he an alcoholic? Jari Rosendal was the President/CEO at Kemira OYJ, and he was also the longest-serving president. Further, Jari was a member of the Board of Directors of multiple companies, including Neste Oyj, the Finnish Chemical Association, and the European Chemical Industry Council Cefic.

Jari had a long career in the mining industry before joining Kemira. Besides, he was a leader and always focused on the safety and well-being of employees.

Additionally, under his leadership, Kemira’s growth was impressive. The company’s profitability improved significantly, and the strategic focus shifted towards sustainable, profitable growth.

Kemira’s annual revenue is around EUR 3.6 billion and around 5,000 employees. Similarly, Kemira shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. Rosendal was announced as the president and CEO of Kemira on July 18, 2023, and would have retired in 2024.

Jari Rosendal Sairaus And Disease

After the death news of Jari Rosendal was shared on the media sources, many questions were raised by the people regarding his sairaus and disease. 

So, for everyone’s concern, he died after a short illness; however, the name of the illness hasn’t been disclosed yet. The death news was shared on July 31, 2023, when the CEO was 58. 

Neither Rosendal’s family nor any source has revealed the details of the exact death cause. So, illness details is yet mysterious to everyone. 

Likewise, Rosendal has served as the president & CEO since 2014, and he was also a member of the Board of Directors of multiple companies before he served at Kemira OYJ. 

Jari was a professionally experienced staff of his company. In the deep sorrow of his loss, Kemira’s Board of Directors, management and personnel grow their deepest condolences to Jari’s family. 

Was Kemira President, Jari Rosendal An Alcoholic?

Jari Rosendal, the Kemira President, is questioned if he was an alcoholic, although there are no details regarding this topic. 

Rosendal personal details are still lacking behind the media curtain, so this remained unknown whether he had a habit of consuming alcohol. 

Rosendal was always focused on his career and is best known for his professional career rather than his personal life. So more details regarding his private matters may be updated soon. 

Likewise, Rosendal died after a short illness that hasn’t been shared yet by his family members, so this might be the primary cause of his death.

Apart from that, none of his nearest colleagues mentioned that Rosendal had a habit of drinking alcohol, so this can’t be confirmed yet that he was an alcoholic.

Jari Rosendal Family- Was He Married?

Jari Rosendal was probably married and a family man. The information about his married life and family remains missing at the moment.

Rosendal never shared his personal information with the media, as he maintained a low-key profile when the topic was about his private matters.

Similalry, Jari was one of the longest serving presidents and CEO of Kemira, a pioneer in environmentally familiar chemical remedies for water-intensive industries.

Unfortunately, the completed insiders about his married life and family is missing so further information will be updated soon regarding his personal life.