JAG Arrests 4th Treasonous Colorado SCJ Melissa Hart

Colorado Supreme Court Justice Melissa Hart, one of the four justices who ruled in favor of striking President Donald Trump’s name from the state’s primary ballot, received an unexpected visitor Sunday morning, and it wasn’t the Easter Bunny.

A White Hat source told Real Raw News that JAG investigators had discovered where Hart had ensconced herself—400 miles south of Denver, at a three-bedroom, two-bathroom Pueblo-style casa in Santa Fe, New Mexico—and decided to pay her a courtesy call.

“Our men were extremely courteous informing Hart she was under arrest for treason,” a JAG source told Real Raw News.

He said investigators confronted Hart with a military arrest warrant when she stepped outside to retrieve the previous day’s mail. She incredulously told investigators they had the wrong woman and identified herself as Lissa Mather, a semi-retired elementary school teacher who relocated to the Santa Fe area following the tragic death of her husband, Brad. She offered to show them her rental agreement to prove she was who she claimed to be, but the investigators had little tolerance for Deep State Deception. One pointed at the stack of mail Hart was cradling in her arms and noted that each envelope was addressed to Melissa Hart, not Lissa Mather, which, he deduced, was an anagram for her actual name.

But Hart kept up the charade, claiming that the postal service often mistakenly delivered other peoples’ mail to her box.

“You’re holding more than a dozen letters and catalogs addressed to Melissa Hart, and you expect us to believe that’s a delivery error?” an investigator said in disbelief. “You can use that defense at your military tribunal.”

They handcuffed Hart and drove her to a JAG processing center, where she will stay until flown to Guantanamo Bay to stand trial along with her three co-conspirators, Richard L. Gabriel, William W. Hood, and Monica Márquez—who have been in pre-trial detainment since earlier this year. JAG has said all four will be tried jointly.

According to our source, JAG had known Hart’s whereabouts since early March, when her lovesick husband Kevin Thomas Traskos, also a rapacious Democrat and lawyer, began hopping flights from Denver to Santa Fe Regional Airport to visit his beloved wife. Investigators had twice tracked him to the Santa Fe residence and established surveillance on the area.

Traskos had planned to spend Easter in Santa Fe but amended his trip two days earlier.

“We were able to monitor a call on Friday, placed by Traskos to Hart. He told her he had emergency business in Colorado and couldn’t get away. So we wished her a happy Easter in his place,” our source said.