Geraldo Rivera Comes Clean: “If you look at how well that program has done since I’ve left

Geraldo Rivera star came clean about leaving Fox News before trashing Tucker Cralson and whining about Greg Gutfeld. Geraldo said: “I should have left a long time ago. But for various reasons, not the least of which was my own insecurity about where I would end up, I stuck around and I stayed too long at the dance.”

Rivera said he was suspended multiple times for clashes with Fox star Greg Gutfeld. “They always took his side,” he said. “I could sense that I was hanging by a thread.”

He said of Fox News dumping him, “They made a very pragmatic decision, a business decision. And it looks in retrospect that they made the right decision.

“Was I satisfied with how Fox handled the tensions? No.

“The other cast members were perceived to be far more significant to the overall thrust of the program than I was.

“And so I became a kind of collateral damage.

“If you look at how well that program has done since I’ve left, if anything, ratings are back up, so I can’t say that they’ve made the wrong decision.

“I was nauseous over Tucker Carlson’s premise that January 6 was an inside job.

“I was shocked and outraged.

“It was pathetic, really pathetic.

“He really got way too big for his britches.

“The worst thing about what he did was the ruthless pragmatism that he displayed.

“I’m going to do this because that’s what the audience wants. In other words, it wasn’t the malevolent media leading the audience. It was the audience leading the malevolent media.

“What he did was unforgivable.

“He made a mockery of the tenets of journalism.”