Do these 3 yogasanas in the morning in winter to avoid laziness

In the winter season, he likes to sit in the blanket with hot tea or coffee in the morning and do something. At the same time, in this season, the skin feels dry as well as stiff and lazy. Perhaps, you have also noticed the laziness that occurs during winter. Explain that this is because during winter blood is transported from our hands and feet, joints and muscles to vital organs like heart and lungs. But because our joints and muscles lose the heat they need, they tighten and shrink. It makes the body feel tired and lazy. Many people also call it winter stiffness. If you feel something like this, you can make yoga a part of your routine.

Yes, regarding this subject, expert doctor Hitesh Khurana says that there are some yogasanas, by doing which one feels less laziness and the body stays active. Let you know that Dr. Hitesh Khurana is a Chiropractic, Ergonomic Specialist and Senior Physiotherapist. They told us in detail that people should do yoga to overcome laziness in winter but some yogasanas can be useful for overcoming laziness, which we are sharing with you through this article.

Semi-tied Padma Pashmiottanasana

Doing this asana can prove to be quite beneficial in winter. Because it works to ease the laziness that occurs in winter easily and increases the flexibility of the joints. Doing this especially increases the flexibility of the joints of the knees and hips. It stretches the back muscles and increases the blood circulation in the spinal nerves.

How to do semi-tied Padma Pashmiottanasana
Step 1- Sit with both legs facing forward.

Step 2- Bend the right leg and place the right leg on the left thigh in Ardhya Padmasana.

Step 3- Bring the right hand from behind the back and hold the big toe of the right foot.

Step 4- Hold the big toe of the left foot with the left hand.

Step 5- Exhale and lean forward as much as possible.

Step 6- Release the asana and try with the left leg as well.


Balasan is also known as Child Pose or Child Yoga. This yoga is called Balasan because it is very easy, which can be done easily. This asana works to relax the body. Doing this regularly removes all the pain from the body.

How to do Balasan
Step 1- To do Balasana, first you have to sit upright in Vajrasana posture. Make sure your waist is in line with your head. (Rapidly removes belly fat and stomach problems. Do this 1 yoga daily after meals)

Step 2- Then move both your hands upwards in the direction of the head. But remember, you don’t have to shake hands.

Step 3- Now exhale and move your palms towards the ground. Then place the head on the ground. Stay in this posture for a while and then repeat it.

Horse operation posture

Doing this asana gives flexibility to the body, relieves back pain and exercises the legs and arms, which relieves the pain. Doing this asana as soon as you wake up in the morning also removes laziness.

How to do horse riding asanas
Step 1- Start with downward Svanasana.

Step 2- Then inhale and bring your right foot between your palms.

Step 3- The knees should be parallel to the floor and just above the ankles.

Step 4- Left foot and knee should be on the floor, toes should be outwards.

Step 5- Look forward and stay upright. Try to stay in the posture.

Step 6- Move the right leg backwards and repeat with the left leg.

Note- If you have any physical problem, you can consult an expert before doing it. At the same time, the benefits of this yoga also depend on your physical health.