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The Customer Resolution Agent (CRA) is responsible for the efficiency in the overall cargo management warehouse processes to minimize operational hindrances for both import and export cargo. They work interdepartmental to act as the liaison between Ground Operations, the warehouse, Sales and Customer Service. The CRA works on ground in warehouse to manage cargo backlog, warehouse on-hand inventory, track and tracing, and acts as a cargo acceptance facilitator.


  • Bridge between Ground Operations and Sales and Customer Service by physically present in the warehouse to maintain, support and improve the overall warehouse processes
  • Identify, rectify and follow up on immediate problems by efficient communications with Customer Service, Sales, Ground Operations and any external parties in real time for any discrepancy or abnormalities that can impact a customer
  • Facilitate Ground Operations Acceptance process, freight allocation and pallet build-up to ensure any necessary paperwork or issues are resolved quickly and effectively
  • Ensure all IRR, Discrepancies and OS&D’s are properly actioned in the appropriate system(s) and documented where required
  • When possible, avert and/or diffuse potential problems with irregular cargo
  • Daily monitor and preparation of backlog, on-hand and tracing management reports across multiple warehouses and systems
  • Keep the team informed of any changes and ensure any displaced shipments are rescheduled
  • Work with operations to keep track and monitor movement of on hand shipments and differed cargo
  • Work with Sales team to help prioritize and keep high visibility/revenue shipments on schedule
  • Generate weekly report for all flight results from previous week with detailed information regarding any IRR
  • Maintain a log with detailed information of all operational issues
  • Complete and/or maintains reports, messages, files logs and forms
  • Shift work covering weekends and midnights are required, subject to flight schedule
  • Performs other duties as assigned


  • High school or above academic qualifications
  • A minimum of two years of airline customer service or cargo-related experience, with understanding on air cargo industry and competition, and aircraft cargo loading capacities would be highly preferable
  • Demonstrate proficiency in MS Office (Excel, Word, Teams)
  • Demonstrate proficiency with IATA process and procedures
  • Understands and use company reports utilized by customer service, and adaptive to new innovative projects and platforms
  • Good interpersonal, communication and telephone skills with the ability to multitask and prioritize tasks on hand
  • Good problem solving skills and decision-making skills
  • Understand and adhere to company policies and procedures
  • Must be reliable, flexible and available to work varied hours, weekends and holidays

The Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It is our policy to afford equal employment opportunity to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship, place of birth, age, disability, protected veteran status, gender identity or any other characteristic or status protected by applicable in accordance with federal, state and local laws.

Customer Resolution Agent Jobs in Columbus Information

  • Designation: Various Posts Open for apply.
  • Location: Across the World.
  • Qualification Required: – Various degree’s for various posts.
  • Experience: – Fresher or Experienced can apply.
  • Salary: It’s Depends on your job designation.
  • Language: Verbal & Written communication in English and Local language will be an added advantage.
  • Who can Apply: Fresher or Experienced both can apply.
  • What Skills Required for getting a job: Positive attitude, Being calm and cheerful when things go wrong,
    Communication, You can listen and say information clearly when you speak or write, Teamwork, Self-management, Willingness to learn, Thinking skills (problem solving and decision making).
  • How To Apply: Application Process is simple. Apply directly online using submit resume button and will get back to you after review your profile.
  • how is life at Company: Very energetic.


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What are the pros and cons of working in a corporate firm?

As you asked a general question, I’ll give a general answer. But please be aware that there are many specifics here that influence the real life attractiveness of any one job.

So, generally speaking –

The Pros-

  • You get to learn about some very complex challenges not found in smaller organizations and they usually open your eyes and thoughts to areas of thoughts that you haven’t encountered before.
  • If you are good and diligent at what you do, you can usually advance to a managerial position within a few years (3–6) and gain managerial experience. This is usually way faster than in smaller organization’s.
  • The pay grade is usually a bit better for starting position and can improve to way better at higher ranks.
  • There are all kinds of interesting opportunities to travel and\or meet people from all kinds of places and disciplines.
  • You usually work in a team and not alone (might be a con for some)
    There are usually opportunities for professional advancement – e.g. training, courses, studies etc..
  • You gain connections.
  • You train on some very complex computer systems.
  • You get better benefits such as pension and medical insurance.

The Cons-

  • You are just one small grain in a pile, and especially in the beginning, you influence very little.
  • You are limited to just one small area of a profession \ skill set (might be a pro for some)
  • You must do things their way, you can’t do things your way, even if proven to work better.
  • There are TONS of politics that effect everything, and I mean everything.
  • Things move at a very slow rate usually.
  • The main influence on who gets promoted and who get what position or perk is your relationship with your boss and has little or nothing to do with your actual success at your position.
  • You don’t know the whole picture, and things (like lay-offs) can surprise you very suddenly and there is nothing you can do about it.
  • The work itself is usually repetitive and not creative and it gets boring very fast.


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