‘Climate Emergency’ With Pandemic-Like Restrictions About To Be Declared, Warn Insiders

The Biden administration is preparing to declare a “climate emergency” with Covid pandemic-like restrictions on the public, while granting the president sweeping new powers, according to multiple energy industry insiders with knowledge of the matter. “They’re leaning to that direction,” U.S. Oil and Gas Association President Tim Stewart told Just the News. “If you grant the president’s emergency powers to declare a climate emergency, it’s just like Covid.”

The “climate emergency” declaration will give Biden and the Democrats “vast and unchecked authority to shut down everything from communications to infrastructure,” warns Stewart.

“They can literally do exactly what they did in Covid,” Stewart said. “If you disagree with the climate emergency, [speech] can be shut down.

“We really need to be paying attention to that because that power could be extended indefinitely until the ‘climate emergency’ is over. Who knows how long that would last.”

Joe Biden and other administration officials have claimed that the US and the world are in the midst of a “climate crisis” and have used emotive language describing it as an emergency.

However, Biden, so far, has stopped short of declaring an emergency.

However, some Democrats and environmental groups have been aggressively pushing the idea. About 60 congressional Democrats recently backed legislation known as the “Climate Emergency Act of 2021.”

The bill, sponsored by Democrat Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), will require the Biden admin to make a climate-related emergency declaration.

As recently as last week, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres upped the stakes by releasing a fearmongering new message.

As The People’s Voice reported, Guterres declared that “the era of global warming has ended” and “the era of global boiling has arrived.”

Using adjectives that included “terrifying,” Guterres said U.N. member states “must turn a year of burning heat into a year of burning ambition.”

The WEF has warned that Americans must become accustomed to living with regular electrical grid blackouts, and a number of media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, have floated proposals such as purposefully implementing “blackouts” to “help solve climate change.

An article published last week by British left-wing newspaper The Guardian calls on the Biden admin to “declare a climate emergency” and states that it “must do so now.”

Stewart recently said the LA Times article and similar reports are part of a “propaganda war.”

He says it’s designed to “condition the public to think people it is their duty to the State to be miserable, cold, and hungry.”